Camile Paglia: Some young people (too many) embrace political correctness out of ignorance

Political correctness feeds off of ignorance. The postmodern Marxish religion of grievance only survives when the light of reality is snuffed out. Why do you think “social justice warriors” are so concerned with “safe spaces”? These people fear anyone who challenges their worldview. They know that outside of their concocted social justice bubble their arguments not only fall flat but are likely to be obliterated. However if they can scare everyone into toeing their line, or at least into not challenging it,

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ESPN says that you and your racism is the reason their ratings have crashed, and they (and Disney) don’t care about your viewership anyway- so stuff it

Might as well check out on ESPN all together. (Why spend money or time on bread and circus “news” anyway?) You see, you, the viewer who wants to hear about sports and not be harangued with social justice PSAs all day are not wanted at ESPN anyway. So what if they lose money, and viewers? It’s you the viewers who are the problem. You aren’t hip, young or “diverse” enough. Screw sports being a place where people of different economic and social backgrounds can come together to talk about stuff of common interest but of no real import.

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The Campus Mob Came for Me—and You, Professor, Could Be Next


During the Chinese Cultural Revolution the Red Guards lynched their professors (and many others).

The neo-Red Guards need to be confronted and beaten on the intellectual battlefield. Flat out. They are bullies and bullies only know one thing. Fundamentally the PC brigades are collectivist wimps. They run in packs because that is the only way they can sustain their cult. Individually they know their whole worldview falls apart. They must reinforce their delusions of victimhood en masse.

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Statement on Manchester attacks from that right wing nut Morrissey

For those who are not familiar with Morrissey or the band The Smiths, Mr. Morrissey is certainly not a right winger. But it sounds like he’s fed up.

The words below are not “incendiary” to me. They seem pretty matter of fact, and in many respects pretty much the truth. But the singer is catching heat for saying something that isn’t politically correct – in public.

Check out this lady who tries to make the argument that “misogyny”

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The PC Brigades Must be Stopped: Conservatives Aren’t the Only Voices Silenced by Academia’s Intellectual Orthodoxy


Political correctness and the “grievance studies” are anti-intellectualism dressed up as postmodern intellectualism.

The truth is the current “post-colonial,” racial, gender obsession (in some circles) is a religion for the dim. A salve for the bright, but not the brightest. 

I’m sorry if you don’t understand why The Great Books are great, or worse if you think the wisdom and knowledge of Western Civilization should be tossed aside in the name of reductionist politically correct dogma.

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