Emory Students Respond To Denunciations Of Trump Chalking With MORE TRUMP CHALKING

Perhaps we need to revert back to the tactics of the free speech advocates of the 1960s. Let us be clear.


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Can Leftist Student Activists Survive Without Their Professional Babysitters and Allies? (Institutionalized Political Correctness)

University of Missouri journalism professor telling student journalists to get out of her “safe space.”

People often talk about institutionalized racism, which is a real thing. It is a fact that the state enforced segregation. It is a fact that the government was used for a very long time to keep blacks and whites separate. Jim Crow doesn’t happen without big and intrusive government. Racism was institutionalized, codified, the law of the land. Racism was supported by the state. Cops,

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Tina Fey Calls Out The Oscars for Political Correctness, Liberal ‘Hollywood Bull***t’

The Oscars this year left a lot to be desired. An industry which is deeply crony, corporate as all get out (anyone heard of Sony Pictures or the MPAA?), highly stratified, a boys club at the highest levels, collectively decided to try to shame the great unwashed on Sunday night on all manner of things. DiCaprio waxing about “corporate interests” (huh?) and “protecting the planet” while still smelling of fresh jet fuel from his flight into La La Land was classic.

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UNC philosophy professor warns: ‘Progressive privilege’ abounds in academia

Some have no interest in knowledge or wisdom if it doesn’t fit their worldview.

I have to say that my professors in college in the poli-sci department at Mary Washington College did a pretty good job of being fair to me and other students. Though I was often a lone voice in some conversations, I was more conservative than libertarian back then, I was always treated with respect. My opinions were valued – or at least readily tolerated. I was graded in a fair way.

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What’s a ‘safe space’? A look at the phrase’s 50-year history (A pro-PC perspective)

This is a well written and interesting article. It also exhibits nicely the absolute collective insanity of the political correctness crowd.

PC is a weird code of slights and avoided slights, and “identity,” and hierarchy, and grievance, and fear, and obfuscation, and obsession with power.

It is the obsession with power which is the most interesting to us. It is I think it is fair to say, pathological. PC is a self eating (and arguably self loathing) snake.

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To get an English degree at UCLA one must take courses in gender, race, ethnicity. Not required to read one word of Shakespeare (Video)

Seems logical to cut out the most important writer in the English language in favor of explorations in grievance studies.

Political correctness is anti-intellectual. It has infected our universities and to some degree our broader society. It is a dumbing down of the academy. It is a cult of fear. A PC Terror which permeates higher learning in the USA.

Dare speak the truth? The truth which does not fit into the tortured logic of cultural Marxism?

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Students protest Thomas Jefferson statue, call for its removal

Applying today’s moral code to historical figures is frankly stupid. But the PC brigades have done it, and been allowed to do it, for too long.

Thomas Jefferson was a man of his time, a slave owner yes, but much more importantly a man of the Enlightenment. The people who are calling for this statue’s removal at Mizzou are not forward thinking people, though they likely think themselves as such. They are not “progressive” in the good sense. They apparently have little understanding of historical context.

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Win for free speech: WSU says professors may not discriminate against students who use terms “male” or “female” in class

Political correctness is so disheartening. It is a speech code imposed by those who spend their lives perpetually offended. Everyone (well nearly everyone) knows that these perpetually offended individuals are out to lunch, but for a long time people were afraid to say anything for fear of being labeled a “racist” or worse. Such a tag from the politically correct community of grievance studies professors could potentially derail a career in academia for a student or prospective professor. It is a deeply totalitarian phenomenon.

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The university as incubator for left-fascists who live their life offended

I use the term left-fascist to refer to the anti-speech, anti-intellectual, highly conformist cadre of politically correct brownshirts who populate many college campuses and are now infecting the workplace and society in general. It’s not a perfect term, but it is accurate.

I am sorry if I offend you. I was raised to be polite and respectful. I was also taught however not to suffer fools and the politically correct Utopian cultural Marxism cult is a cult of fools.

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The Sensitivity Brigades Commeth: I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me

This folks, is what 2 decades of politically correct, anti-intellectual academic coddling has wrought. The sensitivity police are running around universities (and elsewhere) like Mao’s Red Guard*, attacking anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable or just doesn’t agree with their childish, materialist, hierarchy obsessed worldview.

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‘HOPE’ Poster Artist Doesn’t Think Obama Lived Up to the Hype or ‘Hope’

Many of us in 2008 watched the election in disbelief. Some people really were buying what Obama was selling. A lot of people were buying it. And given that the main alternative was John McCain it almost made sense.

Soon the most statist president in a generation, a product of Alinskyite Chicago politics no less, was in the White House.

What many of our friends on the more statist side of the political spectrum don’t understand is that people didn’t throw up because Obama was a black guy.

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More Left-Fascism: United States Student Association uses brownshirt tactics to keep students from speaking to Campus Reform (Video)

Old school brownshirts. New school brownshirts are below.

We have said in other posts that we believe it’s time to call Left-Fascists, the political correctness crowd, what they are, Left-Fascists.

These folks fear discussion. They fear a ray of light shining into the authoritarian cult.

Case in point.

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The Atlantic: Liberals and the Illiberal Left (What to do about Left-fascism?)

These guys were good “liberals” who knew how to stand up for what was right.

This is an excellent short essay which I think anyone interested in politics will find value in reading. But I think it is particularly valuable for our liberal readers. (And It’s from David Frum of all people. Generally I am really not a fan.)

There is a fascist element in your ranks. The “illiberal liberals.” The Left-fascists. The political correctness brigade.

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