‘HOPE’ Poster Artist Doesn’t Think Obama Lived Up to the Hype or ‘Hope’

Many of us in 2008 watched the election in disbelief. Some people really were buying what Obama was selling. A lot of people were buying it. And given that the main alternative was John McCain it almost made sense.

Soon the most statist president in a generation, a product of Alinskyite Chicago politics no less, was in the White House.

What many of our friends on the more statist side of the political spectrum don’t understand is that people didn’t throw up because Obama was a black guy.

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More Left-Fascism: United States Student Association uses brownshirt tactics to keep students from speaking to Campus Reform (Video)

Old school brownshirts. New school brownshirts are below.

We have said in other posts that we believe it’s time to call Left-Fascists, the political correctness crowd, what they are, Left-Fascists.

These folks fear discussion. They fear a ray of light shining into the authoritarian cult.

Case in point.

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The Atlantic: Liberals and the Illiberal Left (What to do about Left-fascism?)

These guys were good “liberals” who knew how to stand up for what was right.

This is an excellent short essay which I think anyone interested in politics will find value in reading. But I think it is particularly valuable for our liberal readers. (And It’s from David Frum of all people. Generally I am really not a fan.)

There is a fascist element in your ranks. The “illiberal liberals.” The Left-fascists. The political correctness brigade.

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Truth Wins One: Rolling Stone retracts UVA rape story

I live near Charlottesville, home of UVA and Monticello. Though I am not a Virginia grad I have a special place in my heart for the place. C-Ville is my home and I was very sorry to hear of the rape allegations levied in the most recent issue of Rolling Stone.

Without going into detail rape is an issue I don’t take lightly. It can destroy a life.

As I read the article however the vibe did not feel genuine to me.

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Public university requires students to submit sexual history or face disciplinary action

This is so (they say) Clemson can stay in compliance with Title 9 which states:

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

For some reason knowing how many times you’ve had sex, and what kind of sex you’ve had in the past 3 months affects whether someone has been discriminated against.

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The happy death of “political correctness” for those who think.

This has nothing to do with “crony capitalism.” Just the thoughts of your humble editor.

While others say don’t hate nothing at all, Except hatred.” – Bob Dylan

“He not busy being born is busy dying,” – Bob Dylan

I have no tolerance for hatred. People who are consumed by disgust and ill will for their fellow man, whether black, white, Asian, Indian, Berber, Basque or gay,

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