Do levels of sunshine determine how much one likes (needs) big government? (MAP)

OK, just to be clear this is a half joke. There is no scientific basis for it. I stumbled across this map and just thought it was interesting how the higher the level of solar radiation the less likely (generally) people seem inclined toward big government. At least in the West.

California, as usual, remains an outlier.

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Colin Kaepernick speaking today (yesterday) — his thoughts on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the U.S. Presidential election (VIDEO)

Generally speaking we are not inclined to give much weight to sports figures or other entertainers when it comes to politics. But given the controversy surrounding the fact that Kaepernick did not stand for the national anthem I think this video is appropriate fare for our readers. Mr. Kaepernick’s take on the current political situation I think reflects where a lot of Americans are. He expresses his frustration with both major candidates.

We don’t agree or disagree with what the San Francisco quarterback has to say,

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Social climbers, poseurs, and ‘nincompoops’, The lefty donor crowd (Plenty on the Right too)

This pol photo is cool, I have to admit. Neither DNC donors.

I have to say that this particular article really speaks to me. I have always wondered why so many wealthy people so covet a photographed handshake with the president or even a member of Congress.

I suppose it’s supposed to be symbol of status. Something to be hung on the wall as a trophy, a celluloid gazelle head or something. And I’m not talking about all pictures with political big shots.

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New Leak: Top DNC Official Wanted to Use Bernie Sanders’s Religious Beliefs Against Him

As we’ve said many times, Bernie’s economics are just flat out dangerous. However he was treated very badly in the primaries. That should not be forgotten. The Iowa coin flips. The railroading in Nevada. I’m sure there were many other examples. Oh, here’s one.

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Obama endorses Hillary even though she is under investigation by the FBI, Message to the FBI?

If there is anything that I personally resent about Mr. Obama it is his introduction, or really reintroduction, of Chicago style politics to the White House. There’s a reason why Chicago is a hole of dysfunction – Chicago politics. And our current president brought it to Washington for all of us to endure.

How is the FBI supposed to do its job when they know that the head of the Executive Branch, the President, their boss, is endorsing for president someone they are investigating.

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Ouch: Flint water crisis: residents say Hillary Clinton ‘coming for the entertainment’

I am sure Ms. Clinton will be focusing on the fact that the EPA knew that there was lead in Flint’s water for 1 full YEAR without making the information public. I’m am also sure she’ll be calling for massive reforms at the agency and exploring fully how it could be that the federal government allowed thousands to be poisoned. Almost positive that will be her area of attention.

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Americans are increasingly aware of crony capitalism, and it is changing politics as we know it

Crony capitalism is a concept with which the typical informed American voter is now familiar. We are very proud of our contribution to this awakening and it is gratifying to see candidates of all stripes having to defend their current crony arrangements with donors, past crony deals, or alternatively to see them go on the attack against cronyism. That Cruz won the Iowa Caucuses despite an explicitly anti-ethanol subsidy stance is no small feat.

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The View’s Joy Behar: I’d Vote for a Rapist as Long as They’re Liberal

This is the sick pragmatism which infects too many people on the Left. (A different version of this exists on the Right too.) You might KNOW (or at least think) that a politician is a rapist, but you know he’s OUR rapist so it’s cool. Now if Megyn Kelly (not my favorite person) had gotten up and said the same thing about a conservative “rapist “all hell would have broken loose. NPR would be doing round the clock updates on how anti-women “conservatives”

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Report Claims Women’s Ranger School Graduation Was Rigged

Some believe that the military has become a vehicle for social engineering as much as a fighting force. I’ve heard this from many sources over the years but no one wants to say it out loud. I’ve never been in the military so I can’t say, but this report seems to be a pretty damning example of the type of political correctness which could potentially cost lives.

Just to be clear we are absolutely for women and more women in the military.

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