Poll: A majority of Americans consider the Obama presidency a “failure”?

An interesting poll from The Washington Post. Generally the American public appears to be unsatisfied with everything but is also unlikely to change direction in any substantive way. They don’t like the president. They don’t like Congress. They think the economy stinks. They feel that Washington is out of touch. Pretty standard fare. That a majority of Americans consider the Obama presidency to be a failure is interesting however and may have important political implications in the years ahead.

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Colorado 2016 poll: Rand Paul beats Hillary Clinton (By a lot.)

A defining moment.

Colorado is a political bellwether. It is an interesting mix of rural and city, hippie and frontierspeople, gun nuts and gun control laws, new west and old west. It is perhaps the purplist of purple states. And right now Rand Paul is not quite crushing Hillary Clinton, but soundly ahead of her in this very important electoral state.

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