Big (Data) Brother Cometh: Beijing tracks the elderly as they take buses, go shopping

This might look like a mess to you and me. But for the right algorithm the data is clear as day.

It’s not just the elderly and it’s not just the Chinese.

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How The Senate Just Took “A Hatchet To American Liberty”

We don’t agree with all of Senator Wyden’s positions but he is pretty darn good on most things privacy. We appreciate his protest.

The only way this sort of thing will stop is if everyday people get angry enough to make it stop. It’s death by a thousand privacy cuts. A little bit of our dignity and sovereignty taken every day.

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The IRS wants your Social Security number recorded if you give $250 or more to a nonprofit (Better donate to the right causes.)

This is an attempt at intimidation. The IRS has no business knowing your political affiliations. Especially in the wake of the Lois Lerner debacle at the IRS this move is just insulting. The IRS has been politicized, openly politicized by this administration, and now it is grabbing for even more power.

Seriously, whose country is this anyway?

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L.A. wants to send you an automated letter if its license plate scanners scan you in the “wrong” neighborhood

Apparently a city councilwoman sees nothing wrong with the idea and she’s convinced some of her colleagues.  She, she explains, is out to stamp out prostitution. So what if constitutional rights are violated and people’s lives are screwed up (pun intended) by such letters. Gol darnit we must use tax dollars and other resources to stamp out sex between consenting adults! This is absolutely vital to Los Angeles which with the exception of street prostitution is a deeply moral and upstanding place.

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European officials want access to nearly ALL world financial transfers in the name of fighting “terrorism.”

As we stated before, Rahm Emanuel isn’t the only one who believes that a good crisis shouldn’t be wasted. The attacks in Paris have galvanized much of Europe and as such politicians across the Continent (and here too) are trying to grab power while the climate is right. Case in point? That the EU now wants access to pretty much every bit of financial information flowing through the SWIFT system. Basically they want ultimate control over electronic transfers.

They need this information of course to “combat terrorism.”

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The War on cash is on: Apple CEO joins fight against economic privacy

Get it?

The central banks want cash dead. Now the industry giants are getting on board. Soon cash will be gone and the last vestige of any economic privacy will go with it. From birth to death each purchase or investment you make will be “on the record.”

Turn in your Federal Reserve notes folks, because even paper is too tangible for the big shots now. The shamans want a wash of digits, which can be tracked, and cut off if need be.

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“The TSA does nothing but violate your privacy and wastes your time.” (Oh, and taxpayers pay for it too of course.) VIDEO

The TSA is a show. All the lines, the screenings, the taking off of shoes and belts, the snarky indifferent attitudes, the government sanctioned groping, is all nonsense. But there is now a TSA lobby which has entrenched itself and we’ll likely have to deal with it forever.

And don’t forget the radiation doses.

Of course, alternatively, you can just “fly private” and stroll across the tarmac to your plane from your car. No TSA for those with private planes.

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