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Government workers cost 45% more than private sector workers

A couple of things here.

It is probably safe to say that government workers are nowhere near as efficient as private sector workers either. It just makes sense, the reality of the marketplace is suspended for government workers. (I have known a few.) The private sector seeks efficiency. Government, well let’s just say it doesn’t.

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Chicago’s stark choice, pay lavish public pensions, or keep cops on the street. 500 murders last year.

This is a pretty interesting series from CNBC. What many people still do not understand is that the obligations of localities to public pensioners won’t be paid, because they can’t be paid. Politicians in the past made promises which they knew couldn’t be kept, and the public employee unions just took whatever they could (which is what a union is supposed to do I guess).

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Big crony gamble: Hedge funds lobby hard for privatization of Fannie Mae

Generally speaking we are for things being private and as far from the hand of government as is feasible.  But right now some hedge funds are buying up preferred shares of Fannie Mae in hopes that the mortgage behemoths will be privatized. They are betting that the government will opt not to liquidate the entities but instead will seek private hands to take them over.

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Friends in Low Places: Where The Real Lobbying Happens

Jesse Eisinger at ProPublica tells us to forget about the revolving door for the bigwigs like Mary Jo White at the SEC. The real action happens at the lower levels were people don’t pay attention. It is in the anonymity of the bureaucracy where the deeds are done, corpses buried, and favors paid.

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Is Government About to Throw Charity Under the Bus?

Unfortunately, that appears to be the case. We hope you will immediately write Congress and tell them to stop—there may not be much time. By hitting the Action Alert button, you will find it easy to sign a petition that will be sent to your senators and congressional representative. Action Alert!

Don’t Let Congress and the President Kill the Charitable Deduction! Charities—and the people charities help—depend on it for survival!

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