Jeff Sessions personally asked Congress to let him prosecute medical marijuana providers (Last month!)

If Trump wants to blow up a significant part of the group that got him elected, wants to alienate people under the age of 40 totally, wants to hurt the millions of people who benefit from medical and recreational cannabis, wants to extend the unjust and unconstitutional drug war (When did we pass the amendment that allows for the prohibition of drugs in this country? – We didn’t.), and basically wants to do fundamentally the absolutely morally wrong thing then let Attorney General Sessions continue on this unwise track.

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Is New York State (and city) making big money on nearly illegal tobacco?

I smoked. I smoked for 10 years. I can tell you the difference between a Marlboro, a Camel, a Parliament, a Newport, and a Kool. It sucked. That experience has informed my libertarian sensibility on a deep level.

It was the knowledge that I was literally paying someone to damage my health that fundamentally got me to quit. (Over 2 years or so.)

For what it’s worth I only made progress on quitting smoking when I stopped feeling guilty and focused instead on extending the period of time between cigarettes.

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Ex-DEA Spokeswoman: ‘Marijuana Is Safe’, Kept Illegal Because It’s A ‘Cash Cow’

On this issue of cannabis I have gone from tacitly supporting prohibition. To supporting decriminalization. To supporting legalization. (This was over many years.) It has become obvious to me that the continued restrictions on marijuana really are about lining the pockets of cronies within the government and outside of it, particularly in Pharma.

I will say that no drug is totally “safe.” And pot can cause dependence on a psychological level. But generally, well, let’s be adults about things.

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Poll: Voters Want Trump To Respect State Marijuana Laws

The FDR New Dealer who launched the “War on Drugs.” But that’s big government for you.

Drugs are supposed to be an issue left to the states. That is the constitutional position in our estimation. The prohibitionists had to pass an amendment to outlaw booze. Other drugs were basically declared illegal federally by an overreaching Roosevelt administration in the 1930s by fiat. The Feds knew they couldn’t pass an amendment so they just imposed cannabis prohibition. This of course expanded the power of the federal government and gave the government an excuse to poke around in everything like it had during alcohol prohibition.

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Trump Picks Marijuana Opponent For Health Secretary

It’s OK. Life will still go on in a world where pot is totally legal. Business will be done. People will still go to church. Families will still gather for dinner. It will be OK. There will be less crime though.

Cannabis should be legal. I’m sorry my socially conservative friends, but it should be. In a country that prides itself on liberty and freedom no one should be going to jail for weed.

You know who likes illegal pot?

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The Anti-Pot Editorial That Cost $140 Million (Paid for by someone who made his money in CASINOS)


I do not understand how people can continue to justify pot prohibition these days. Check that, I can understand it if one has links to the DEA, the drug treatment complex, drug dealers, police unions, drug cartel money launderers, or the pharmaceutical industry. All of these groups want cannabis prohibition to continue because illegal pot means money in their pockets. Or perhaps it’s just flat out ignorance. I suppose that still exists.

Cannabis is the most docile of drugs.

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How Virginia is screwing over bars, customers, and common sense (VA still has a lucrative monopoly on liquor sales, leftover from Prohibition)

The crony vestiges of the temperance movement (which was hijacked) still linger in The Old Dominion.

I am a proud Virginian. I live in Thomas Jefferson’s home town, Charlottesville. And on this day, TJ’s birthday, the birthday of a man who loved both spirits and liberty, we submit this video your review.

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Should the sale of bottled water be banned from national parks? (These bottles create massive – and expensive – waste)

I am pretty much against bottled water in principal. Though I will admit on occasion I’ll stop at a 7-11 after a trip to the beach or after a hike and guzzle a bottle down. However it is never lost on me that I am paying for something which is essentially free. I am paying $1.50 for the convenience of a cold bottle of water. But I will also say that I never feel good about it. Bottled water, in the USA at least,

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Legal US Weed Is Killing Drug Cartels

It makes sense. We have argued for a long time that ending pot prohibition would do much to reduce crime.

Marijuana is by far the illicit drug of choice in the USA. Even though weed is relatively bulky, smells like a skunk crossing and so is easily detected, it remains number 1.

Legalize the market, legitimize the market, and the prohibition inflated profits (and incentive) go away.

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Day in a life: Selling loose cigarettes on the streets of New York

This is a fantastic slice of life from the streets of the Big Apple.

Right now tobacco is in sort of a legal netherworld. It’s legal, but also frowned upon by polite society and it is taxed heavily. The attached article is what it looks like in this netherworld.

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Leading anti-marijuana academics are paid by painkiller companies

In an earlier post we wondered why it is that we have what is essentially “medical heroin” (Oxycontin) in all 50 states, but medical marijuana  – a far, far safer drug – in only a few states. We argued that Big Pharma had a lot to do with it. A recent report from VICE supports this hypothesis.

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