How Obama’s EPA Nearly Bankrupted John Duarte’s Farm (VIDEO)

Some people fail to comprehend that some of the biggest cronies of all work in government. The bureaucracy is deeply crony. It protects itself. It seeks to expand its budget – provided by taxpayers – always. The bureaucracy is constantly on a quest for power.

Think Exxon is bad? The EPA is probably worse. Much worse.

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Dallas Officials Infuriated They Can’t Impose Eminent Domain (VIDEO)

This woman is a good example of why free people should generally never trust government officials. She laments that a property owner is “rich” enough to fight the city of Dallas and as such can protect his land. “Ordinary” people would just have their land taken by the government she explains.

She thinks that since the “rich” guy has the ability to fight and protect what is his that that constitutes an injustice.

She’s not concerned that “ordinary”

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Trump’s rural voters fighting to keep their land from a growing web of pipelines (It’s happening in ACC’s backyard, almost literally)

This is certainly true where I live. Here the Democratic governor, former DNC head (I still can’t believe he got elected) Terry McAuliffe gave the green light to a new pipeline which will be owned and operated by Dominion Power which the company hopes will run just to the south of Charlottesville Virginia (my home town).

It is interesting that the Dominion/McAuliffe pipeline is slated to run right through the heart of Nelson County (to my south) and takes a jog around the well heeled and powerful city of Charlottesville (home to The University of Virginia).

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Feds imprison veteran for making improvements to his own property

When regulators get like this people lose respect for the regulators. Indeed people come to see the regulators as out and out enemies, which in many cases they are.

This is a man, I don’t care how ornery and defiant, who probably should never have seen a court, never mind a prison. And he’s been held in solitary confinement (as in he has spent time in solitary) since going to prison? (Prison prison.) That is nuts.

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Over 120 arrested at North Dakota pipeline protests, including journalists

Cops are one thing. Winter in North Dakota is another thing altogether.

Funny, I was chastised by a social justice warrior for covering this story (even though we were generally positively disposed toward the protesters, though not totally) because my tone wasn’t I guess sufficiently PC. How shortsighted was that?

The North Dakota protests are an important story. It will be interesting to see what happens as winter descends on the upper plains. As I told an Occupy Wall Street person at a camp a few years ago,

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Pipeline Brings a Property Rights Fight to Virginia

This fight is almost literally right in my back yard. Just down the road a couple of miles or so the “no pipeline” signs start popping up.

Is private property private or not? Just because a company is big and connected does that mean that it just gets to do whatever it wants if your property happens to be in their way?

I say no. Of course not.

Our current governor (and key Clinton ally it should be mentioned) disagrees with me.

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In Rio’s favelas lack of property rights can be lethal for young men (Not just in Rio, and not just for young men)

Property rights and the rule of law are absolutely vital for the creation of wealth for all, but particularly for the world’s poor.

When even the poor, the least advantaged and often the least connected know that for even them a contract is a contract, that a deed is a deed, that what is theirs will remain theirs wealth can be created. People can begin the road out of poverty.

Economist Hernando de Soto has long made this case.

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Environmentally destructive cronyism in Brazil, socialist crony president used dam in Amazon to line her pockets?

One of the points which we have made here is that despite the faith many American greens put in the government, it is governments which are often the worst abusers of the environment. We have argued that the state is the greatest environmental ravager of them all.

We have also argued that respect for property rights (something governments often have a hard time with) and unsubsidized markets can be key in environmental preservation and sustainability generally.

Why are our coastlines decimated when a hurricane hits the East Coast?

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How the Federal Government Continues To Victimize American Indians

As we have said before, there is no group who has gotten a more rotten deal from the US government than the American Indians. And that deal continues to this day. Many American Indians live in the last pockets of the 3rd world in the United States. Under the direct watch of Washington bureaucrats of course. (Who are often paid nicely.)

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Regulated out of Existence: Off-Gridders Forced back on the Grid, Camping on own land Illegal

“if you don’t like the way I’m livin’ just leave this long haired country boy alone.”
– Charlie Daniels

Some people just want to be left alone. They don’t ask for anything other than peace and independence. It is an interesting, and in my opinion pretty desirable version of the American dream. No bills. Few neighbors. Quiet nights filled with stars. Many of these hardy souls have found refuge in the American Southwest.

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