No lettuce for you! : Fighting for the right to garden

I love growing plants. Flowers, herbs, vegetables, all are great. I wish I could grow more. And thankfully where I live the only real restrictions on my gardening is the amount of space I have, the sunlight I get, and the date of the first and last frosts. Oh, and deer.

In some places however there there are horrible problems with pests. Bureaucratic, taxpayer funded, control freak pests.

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Ending Crony Capitalism in the Michigan Live Entertainment and Sports Industries

By Andrew Langer

A coalition of Michigan sports fans, consumer groups, and free market advocates are locked in a battle over the right to resell tickets. Michigan is one of the few states that still prohibits consumers from reselling their tickets on the secondary market for more than face value, without the venue’s permission.

In addition to representing a gross interference by the government in the free market, the 83 year old law has enabled big ticket companies like Ticketmaster and StubHub to create a state-sanctioned monopoly on reselling tickets for more than face value.

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China is in danger of a crash, some want more “stimulus.” “Everywhere you go you see ‘ghost cities.'” (Video)

The Chinese have poured stimulus on top of stimulus already. An archipelago of idiot central planning projects stretches from the Ordos desert in the north to the lush mountains in the south. High rises reach to the sky but are empty, in the middle of cities which are empty, in a country which is anything but empty.

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Developers Get Taxpayers to Fund Projects Which Shouldn’t Exist

Crony capitalism happens at all levels of government. So long as there are favors to hand out someone will be there with an open hand.

The below report comes from Rochester, New York.

A local developer built a mall that as of now has only 2 tenants, a Sears on one end, and a Macy’s on the other. In between dark sealed store fronts. It is a disaster.

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