The Socialists Cling to Power: Venezuela National Guard Runs Over Protesters (VIDEO)

Venezuela should be a rich – or at least a relatively rich country. But 2 decades of socialism have eroded the economy. Now, as the regime clings to power it’s running over protesters. We shouldn’t be surprised but we should be aware.

The people will most likely bring Maduro and his Chavista allies down. But there may be be blood, more blood, on the way to this result.

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And now a video of middle class kids playing “protest” in Downtown DC (Video)

Remember when the TEA Partiers were running around breaking windows? Yeah me either.

I’ve been to a few protests in my day. Some of the libertarian kind and quite a few more as a tourist at more conventional “lefty” protests. They can be fun. One get’s to walk in the middle of the street and yell things like “This is what democracy looks like.” And the evergreen, “Whose streets? Our Streets!” At least until the cops get serious and then everyone gets a bottled water and sits in the park.

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Bernie Delegate Speaks Out Against Fake DNC *Seat Fillers* – “The Bernie people are not here, and the people who are are getting paid…” (VIDEO)

The video below is reflective of a theme which has run through this week, “The Revolution Won’t Be Televised.”

The official version of the Dem convention on the mainstream media outlets and the version we see actually coming from the people on the ground at the convention are very different.

Another great report from a citizen journalist.

This was from the previous night.

ACC is a completely non-partisan organization.

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Hundreds of thousands in street in Brazil, call for the impeachment of crony president, South American socialism continues to die (Video)

These protests are a massive reaction against a deeply crony and socialist government in Brazil. The economy is failing. The “Bolivarian” movement in South America embodied by the now dead Hugo Chavez is imploding. Wherever the statist cancer has spread, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, even Chile it has brought with it economic dysfunction. And that is saying something as this IS South America we are talking about.

But the anger exhibited above and below is not simply some Brazilian or South American phenomenon.

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Protest: The property rights of indigenous peoples in Brazil

I have made the case that one of the reasons the Amazon, African, and Indonesian rain forests are relentlessly plowed under is due to the absence of the rule of law and the general lack of respect for property rights in these countries. The rain forest is in many respects a “commons” which people exploit  as all “commons” are exploited. No one owns the forest, so it’s a free-for-all.

We have argued also that the property rights of indigenous peoples should be respected and that the state is the greatest violator of the sovereignty of many of these groups.

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Mayor of Mexican city the alleged mastermind behind “disappearance” of 43 students, Mexico erupts

We have corruption in the United States. It is pervasive and it is at all levels of government. Billions and billions are stolen from taxpayers both legally and illegally. Occasionally there is even political violence. But what is unfolding in the country to our south is just evil.

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Carnival Against Capitalism in London, Should Be Against “Crony Capitalism.”

People are chaining themselves to barricades and waving red flags in the streets of London in protest of the G8 talks. The protest has been called a “carnival against capitalism.” Sadly these folks do not understand the vital difference between “capitalism” which is voluntary and provides opportunity for those not blessed with access to the modern aristocracy, and “crony capitalism” where the state is hijacked by the powerful to line their pockets and consolidate power.

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