John McCain: Rand Paul ‘Is Now Working for Vladimir Putin’

McCain is out of line. Way out of line.

The point, Senator, is that we shouldn’t be expanding NATO. The Cold War, is in fact over. And that you would send our troops in theory to protect Montenegro (From what? A Russian backed Serbia we presume?), is insane.

There is absolutely no strategic advantage to bringing Montenegro into NATO. (For us.) What are we afraid of? That the Adriatic Sea is going to fall to the Russian Bear?

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Libertarians emerging as Trump resistance (On some things anyway)

Trump really is a mixed bag for libertarians. There are things we in the liberty movement don’t like about Trump. For instance his flirtation with the neoccons (who largely abandoned him in the election and even in some cases defected to Clinton) and John Bolton in particular has been disappointing. We also generally fear that Senator Sessions who has been nominated for Attorney General will continue the drug war. And of course the much heralded Carrier deal was crony capitalism complete with $2 million in taxpayer financed subsidies for the company.

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