Leaked Internal Messages Reveal Co-Worker Support For Fired Google Engineer’s Controversial Memo

“You VILL TINK as we COMMAND at der Google, or you VILL be out of a job!”

Basically the PC folks at Google are mad at this guy because he dared stray from the official groupthink. He dared question the bizarro reality that infects too much of American society. That he dared speak up, and encouraged others to wake from their fear induced slumber is a crime against the hive.

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Sharp Partisan Divisions in Views of National Institutions – Media, Colleges, etc.

I don’t care what your political disposition is, if you can’t see the absolute propaganda – not even bias – but flat out propaganda, coming from many of the “old” news outlets then you’ve got a problem.

Interestingly I have seen personally that at least a portion of my “lefty” friends/colleagues have just started to see how off the charts CNN, MSNBC, and some of the other news outlets have been. That isn’t to say that their political dispositions have changed for the most part.

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Idiocracy Director: It’s Kind of Scary How Quickly the Movie Became a Documentary

We had a friend over recently and conversation quickly turned to our Idiocracy-like state of affairs.

(From The Anti Media)

Judge, the creative mind behind Beavis and Butthead, Office Space, and HBO’s Silicon Valley, told the Daily Beast “it’s a tad bit scary” how closely the film and real world now parallel each other.

Three or four years ago,

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George Carlin explains why “newspeak” (political correctness) is dangerous, Is contrasted with President Obama (VIDEO)

In many respects political correctness, and there are different forms employed by different groups interested in dominating the political narrative, is a way of lying. It is a way of being dishonest. It’s not about feelings (not that this is an excuse anyway) often, it is about obscuring reality. It is about muddying the waters. It is about countering intuition (which when done via reason can be a good thing on occasion) and creating alternate realities to reality.

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UnitedHealth Group (The nation’s largest) to exit Obamacare exchanges in all but a ‘handful’ of states

The market reality confronts Obamacare yet again. Yet the health insurers were a big part in the healthcare law happening in the first place. So perhaps some justice?

Of course the pain is going to be for the people whose healthcare is disrupted yet again.

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University Of Oregon ‘Anti-Capitalist’ Co-Op Needs Cash To Cover Deadbeats

There is reality, and there is college “reality.” In college, even if one’s parents aren’t footing the bill there is at least some perceived suspension of consequence. It is this suspension which keeps sociology departments alive. Sure, sure, a degree in urban relational studies is worth $100,000. The people who say that it isn’t just don’t get it man.

Of course I didn’t get a degree in molecular engineering or anything. Mine is in political science which is only a couple notches up from theater arts on the practicality scale.

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Ben Carson Upsets Washington Post for Questioning Fiat Money

The dotted line indicates where the dollar was detached from gold.
Source: Washingtonsblog.com

One the most important things about gold as a monetary foundation is that it forces financiers and economists to deal with reality. Gold is the North Star by which economies and currencies are judged. It’s been this way for millennia, and it likely will remain the case for many years to come. But we have detached our money from gold, and reality. In 1971 Richard Nixon severed the last ties the dollar had to gold.

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California: $15 minimum wage, $30 pizza, Massive fail

Yeah, I’d say that about sums this story up. Magic Pony Economics (MPE) in real life.

It is admirable that this business owner wants to pay his people more. I respect that deeply. He didn’t even have to, yet. But the reality is that a minimum wage which is mandated (as it soon will be in Cali) which is far out of line with what the market will pay for a wage only results in disaster.

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The $15 minimum wage is “magic pony economics”

I have come to the conclusion that a large part of the voting population just wants ponies. Or maybe unicorns. There is a real live contingent which believes that such things can be simply conjured out of the air or perhaps that the government can force “rich people” to pay for them. Ponies for everyone courtesy of the Kochs.

Now most reasonable and rational people don’t believe that ponies or unicorns can be conjured into existence in the literal sense.

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