Why didn’t Jill Stein explain to recount donors that a recount in PA would be next to impossible under the law? Must show that fraud “probable” (Good luck with that)

This is looking more and more like a moneymaking scheme for the Greens, though I’ll bet that the Stein camp was more likely ignorant of Pennsylvania law than trying to outright dupe people. Still, this is a bit of information people probably would have liked to have known about before setting their hard earned dollars on fire. Stein had an obligation to do her due diligence prior to taking people’s money. (She and her party get to keep any recount “leftovers.”)

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Jill Stein raised $3.5 million for her whole campaign, Now in a few days raises $5.7 for a recount? Did she have help?

It is reasonable to ask whether the Clinton campaign asked Stein to file the complaint and then helped her raise the money to do the recount.* Stein, who the Clinton campaign dismissed and derided (Stein said nasty things about Clinton too) may have been pulled into the fold with the prospect of significant money going to her campaign and party. After the recount the “leftovers” go to Stein and the greens. A nice payday. 

Image: Law Newz

It should be noted also that to our knowledge there has never been such a gap between the popular vote and the electoral college as there was in the most recent presidential election.

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