We need to know the algorithms the government uses to make important decisions about us

Good luck getting that information.

If one is in high school right now and one is considering which career path to take I strongly suggest learning how to write and manipulate algorithms. Our world is already deeply influenced by algos, from our social media to our grocery purchases. Their importance in our lives will only grow.

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Chicago’s Pension-Fund Woes Just Became $11.5 Billion Bigger

The folks in Washington are trying to bail out Puerto Rico with taxpayer money. Watch, as Illinois and other states and cities with massive government sectors and high taxes continue to crumble they will start agitating for their own bailouts. Again I say it’s time to consider carving out the big cities. They seem to hold the rest of the country in contempt anyway. I say let the big government islands bail themselves out if they fail to come to terms with fiscal reality.

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‘Stunning’: EPA had to pay $55K to get child molester to retire

One of the things which drives many of us in the private sector, the productive sector, nuts is the degree to which at least some in the “public” sector are protected even in the face of gross incompetence and even occasional outright criminal behavior. How are we supposed to feel confident about our government when we know that the bureaucracy looks out for itself first and considers serving the citizenry secondary. (If we are lucky.) How can we feel confident about our civil system,

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Are climate change skeptics criminals? Should holding contrary opinions draw the attention of the Attorney General in the “Land of the Free”? (VIDEO)

Free speech. Free speech. A thousand times, free speech!

This video isn’t really about climate change. It’s about free speech.

One may not like the opinion of another but in this country one is allowed to express unpopular opinions. Even if you think someone’s opinion or group is backward, hurtful, bigoted, uninformed, whatever, that person or group has the right to express that opinion. Unpopular speech is what the 1st Amendment is all about after all. One would think that Mr.

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America’s Red-Tape Machine Ensnares Millions of Young Have-Nots

Occupational licensing in most cases is simply a crony ploy. It’s not about public safety. It’s about creating barriers to entry for people seeking to business in the marketplace. On net such licensing hurts society and particularly the young and the relatively less well off.

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Business support for Brexit grows as David Cameron looks increasingly desperate, says ISIS wants UK to vote Brexit

If Britain votes to leave the European Union next month it will be a victory for anti-crony forces in the world, which is to say most people in the world. It will be the first time the expansionist technocratic European attempt at a superstate will have been rebuked in a way Brussels can’t dismiss.

However, most of the big power players want the UK to stay in the EU to make life easier for them. The big banks want the UK to stay.

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Some personal thoughts on socialism

Socialism and crony capitalism go hand in hand. The bigger the government the more crony the government. The more powerful a government the more likely it will be that corporations, unions, special interest groups, and individuals will want to buy it. You think corporations don’t like regulations? Au contraire mon frere. They often love them. Much more often than not. Heck, they often even write the regs themselves. Do you really think that General Electric wants a small government for instance?

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Wendy’s to Put Kiosks In all 6,000 Restaurants to Counter Minimum Wage Hikes

One can’t blame Wendy’s. Labor will be too expensive to make money on hamburgers and frostys soon. So they must automate. They have no other choice. By automating they will eliminate thousands of jobs which didn’t pay $15/hour, but they did pay something.

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‘It’s far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification’ – Congressman ‘X’

Looks like we might have a good book to take with us to the beach this year. It’s short, fewer than 100 pages, but it looks full of goodies. The Daily Mail reports that he (or she?) has much to say. It’s all stuff we know of course, but it’s a member of Congress saying it.

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Wyoming welder, facing $16M in fines, beats EPA in battle over stock pond

We covered this fellow’s story a few months ago. We are very pleased that Mr. Johnson has emerged from his tangle with the Environmental Protection Agency (Should I start putting those words in quotes?) victorious. That the government harassed this man for so long (at all) is a travesty.

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Competitive Capitalism at Work (PIC)

The chief reason we have witnessed miracles like the one below (and truly it is a miracle) is because unlike most industries tech has operated with minimal regulation and has remained highly competitive. In tech, success comes from out innovating one’s competitors not in getting in tight with the right politicians and regulators. (At least this has been the case though Google seems to be getting cronier by the day.)

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Poll: 1/3 of West Virginia Democrats would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary

This is the factor that too many Dems dismiss with Trump. His support is deep within the Rust Belt, an area which still has the vestiges of the “Reagan Democrat” phenomenon. (Not that Trump appeals to them for the same reasons. It’s a very different equation.) This area stretches from Ohio, into Michigan, through Pennsylvania and into New Jersey. (And West Virginia too of course.) Trump more than contends in these states, he might even be the favorite. Something new for a “Republican.”

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