Same place, same computer memory, 58 years later (PIC)

I was just in Target where I saw I could buy a 1 TERABYTE XBox 1 for $300. $300!

This is the beauty of innovation, and competition, and capitalism. Do you think the Soviet Union would ever have come up with a 1 terabyte personal computer? Never mind at a cost that most middle class families can manage? No, ahem, way.

You socialists are nuts (I say respectfully.) Now,

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45 Congressmen Ask DEA Not to Ban Kratom Next Week

Kratom is an herb that has helped some people get off of opioids. It is a drug but one can buy it legally. However this will soon change due to a DEA classification of kratom as a Schedule 1 substance. (Which means it’s totally banned even from research.)

The herb appears to have helped people. Why ban it, even from research, in the face of increasing prescription opioid addiction?

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Mylan’s EpiPen Schools Push: Were parent health bloggers manipulated (enticed?) into lobbying for the company?

So Mylan recruited a team of parent “health bloggers” to make the case for an EpiPen mandate in public schools. The company wined and dined the bloggers and then paraded them in front of lawmakers and the media. During this time Mylan was also jacking up the price of the EpiPen as schools were forced to buy the product.

(From Reuters)

It was the first of at least four summits, each involving about 15 bloggers,

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Big Pharma hates pot (And continued marijuana prohibition is hurting millions of people)

It sure does.

I mean why would anyone want a non-physically addictive painkiller, appetite inducer, relaxant, treatment for MS, and arthritis, and Crohn’s Disease, and a myriad of other ailments that costs almost nothing at all? Why on earth would anyone want to be able to wander into one’s garden and pick off a few free buds for effective treatment when one could get prescription for an expensive pill made in a factory somewhere and which in some cases is physically addictive?

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Here it comes: The iMplant, RFID chips under the skin going mainstream

Some graffiti in Bryggebroen Denmark.

I love technology. I am fascinated by pushing the technological envelope. I have long lived much of my life in cyberspace and I believe innovation is one of the key creators of real wealth and real human progress. However one should be very cautious when considering whether to implant oneself with an RFID chip.

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A libertarian, free marketeer was just elected mayor of Johannesburg South Africa

Johannesburg is a massive city. One of the great cities of the world.

Unfortunately, though rich in many respects the city also has areas of terrible poverty. The legacy of apartheid and of corrupt ANC (socialist) governments post-apartheid are terribly evident. Crime is rampant as is unemployment.

However there is some new hope for Joburg.

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Big Government Cracks Down On … People Sharing Books

As we said in the previous post, most of life does not have to be subject to government regulation. This includes the sharing of books.

I am convinced, having looked at these sorts of issues for many years now, that there is a deep psychological need among some to control everything. That for some any ambiguity (or lack of uniformity) in life is uncomfortable and even unbearable. I am also convinced that many people who have this deep tendency find their way naturally into the bureaucratic superstructure.

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90-year-old Florida man arrested for second time in a week after feeding the homeless again

Not everything has to be regulated. Not everything has to be codified and signed off on by the red tape gurus. Life CAN happen just fine without such interference. And when the government is stopping a man from feeding the hungry, rest assured something is very wrong with the regulations, the codes, and the local bureaucrats.

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Stop the FDA’s Massive New Attack on Supplements

The Feds want to regulate anything and everything. Their partners in business are more than happy to see the FDA impose massive costs on the supplement industry because the supplement industry is a major (if not well heeled – at least in relative terms) competitor to Pharma.

I personally am not a big supplement person but I will say that I have seen firsthand the good a simple magnesium supplement can do for sleep. And I am glad that I don’t have to get a prescription and pay drug company prices for an occasional magnesium supplement.

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Goldman Sachs bans top employees from donating to Trump: Report

Hillary with Goldman Sach’s CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Goldman is concerned NOW about “pay to play” rules. It was less concerned in 2008 when it was Obama’s biggest private contributor. And Hillary Clinton donations still appear to be OK.

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Markets Are Breaking Down India’s Caste System, Turning ‘Untouchables’ into Millionaires

Markets and free market capitalism offer a way out of poverty for many. Where people can work hard, retain the fruits of their labor, where opportunities in the marketplace can be exploited, wealth can be created. Where markets are closed, where commerce is wrapped in red tape, where a bureaucrat or tax lurks around every corner wealth is retarded. One of the reasons, if not the main reason, why many poor countries remain poor is because the powers that be in those countries refuse to free up markets.

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