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George Will: Government for the strongest

We cannot have an economy in which billionaire crony capitalists bestow largess through the state to the unwashed. We need the broad based economic growth, opportunity, and dynamism that only comes in a freer more liberalized economy.

Though the intentions of most progressives are probably “good” the culture of regulation and unnecessary complexity they have instituted over the last few decades has only served to further stratify the country and to reduce social mobility.

The economy is running through bureaucratic wet concrete. The ridiculous tax code, the regs, the government “fees” everywhere, Obamacare, etc. The only people who can negotiate this concrete effectively are the very rich. The rest of us are mired, and the concrete is hardening.

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2015 Atlas Shrugged Crony Awards

I am proud to be on the panel of people advising the Atlas Foundation on this contest.

Pretty simple. Find the most egregious examples of crony capitalism you can, submit them to the contest and win $1000, free registration to the Atlas Summit, and the adoration and celebration of fellow enemies of crony capitalism. Enter early and enter often.

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How China locks down social media (Other countries are taking notes)

6 Years ago while watching a video of Ron Paul on Youtube and while reading a fairly sophisticated debate below the video on the nuances of Austrian economic theory I was hit with a bolt of lightning. Social media was about to revolutionize everything. I soon founded a tiny company which specializes in developing social media strategies.

But just 6 short years ago social media was still a fairly tough sell to businesses. It’s hard to imagine but just a few years ago Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pintrest, Instagram, and the rest generally weren’t seen as important to almost anyone in the non-tech business world. There was some understanding of social media’s power, but most couldn’t see how vital it would become for pretty much everything. Just 6 years ago.

Fast forward to today and now everyone sees social media’s power including the enemies of information exchange. In the attached article The New York Times examines one such enemy, China’s social media commissar, Lu Wei, and he is not playing around.

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We said Obamacare was a crony capitalist jack for the insurance companies, Now even the New York Times agrees with us

It’s about time, but it’s too late now. I guess there is some comfort in knowing that the even the statist Gray Lady sees what Obamcare actually is. Though I am going to guess that the New York Times editorial board isn’t going to come out for repeal even though the program was sold with out and out lies and is pouring billions in taxpayer dollars into the pockets of the health insurance companies.

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Senator Mike Lee lays out an agenda for the Senate (And it’s pretty good)

At the top of the list is building trust with the American people. OK, that is key.

Just below building trust with the citizenry? Fighting crony capitalism. No joke. Lee sees it (rightly) as perhaps the issue which will define the success of this Congress and the GOP going forward. If the GOP actually works to reduce crony capitalism, to free up the economy, to reduce the special deals for big business and other large interests, the party  will be rewarded. If however the Republicans lapse back into favor pedaling voters will punish the party.

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