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Cost of Federal Regulation Reached $1.88 Trillion in 2014

It’s not just that regs kill innovation and slow commerce, (And not ALL regulation is bad. I’m OK with not selling booze to 4th graders, and licenses – though they could be non-government certifications – for brain surgery.) it’s that companies often partner with the regulators to shut out competition or flat out siphon money from the taxpayer.

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Jerry Brown’s crony capital

We’re not referring to Sacramento…Da dum dum. We are referring to Governor Brown’s “behest payments.” Money which is given to the governor which he can then distribute to the charities of his choosing. So far it’s been a banner year for such payments.

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Taxpayers bailed out GE Financial in 2008, Now GE is selling off GE Financial, No “Thank You” to taxpayers

GE got caught with its pants down. It over leveraged itself like much of Wall Street before the 2008 Crash and then begged Hank Paulson in Bush’s Treasury to save the company from its bad bets. Which Paulson did – or rather WE did. Now, fully indemnified and then some, GE is getting rid of its financial division. Exiting the scene free and clear. No problem. No pain. Everything’s fine. No Thank You to the taxpayers.

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Stunning: Jeh Johnson the DHS Secretary doesn’t appear (seriously) to understand the 4th Amendment? (Video)

This is an odd video. Jeh Johnson is testifying before the Senate and he looks like he’s really not ready for prime time. I’m not saying that he is being a typical bureaucrat hiding behind legalese and talking in circles as is typical in these situations. I’m saying that the video is difficult to watch without cringing because Jeh Johnson does not appear to have a full grasp of the subject matter on which he is testifying. And he is the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

Given the amount of power at the fellow’s fingertips this should concern all of us.

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What does Diane Feinstein want to ban now? More guns? Nope. Homemade soap.

This is how it’s done folks. Regulate your competition away. Enjoy fattened bottom lines courtesy of your sponsored politicians in Washington.

Of course consumers have fewer choices, overall quality is likely diminished, entrepreneurs go out of business, and employees lose jobs. But hey, it’s a crony world. You actually thought you’d get a fair shot? Ha! You’ve got a lot to learn my soap making friend.

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US Chamber says Don’t Touch Our Corporate Welfare! Ranks Harry Reid better than free market friendly Jeff Sessions

The US Chamber of Commerce loudly proclaims that it operates in the “spirit of free enterprise.” Sadly that is not true.

The Chamber is beginning to show its true colors as a truly anti-crony lobby gains strength in Washington and in the country generally. Some of the enemies of crony capitalism are Republicans. One such Republican is Congressman Jeff Sessions, who wants to end the Export-Import Bank, “Boeing’s Bank.” This annoys the Chamber which wants to make sure that taxpayers continue to subsidize loans for its client(s).

The supposed champion of “the spirit of free enterprise” even ranked Harry Reid, Harry Reid, ahead of Congressman Sessions (someone who appears to actually believe in the spirit of free enterprise) on its scorecard.

Big political shifts are happening.

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Urban America is a disaster because of decades of big, crony infested government

In the attached article Kevin D. Williamson associates functionality and competence a little too closely with Republicans. Saying this his analysis otherwise is right on.

What we saw in Baltimore this week is a symptom of big government urban politics. Why are places like Detroit, much of Chicago, St. Louis, Philly, still large parts of New York, Atlanta, Richmond, a good part of Washington DC, and dozens more cities so poor and so dysfunctional? Largely (but not solely), because in these places the reality of the marketplace is not embraced. (At least not the legal marketplace.)

Why do businesses leave these cities? For many reasons. But a big part is because taxes are too high in major cities, almost across the board. Or perhaps like Seattle the minimum wage is being pushed up to levels which are divorced from reality, which also acts as a tax. There is a reason some cities feel like skeletons, because the business community long ago was picked clean. Urban America killed the goose that laid the golden tax base egg. Now it wonders why all the jobs are gone.

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