EPA has No Answer (on) Why They Didn’t Inform Public About Lead Water 1 Yr Ago

As we’ve said before, imagine if a private company knew that Flint’s water was full of lead for A YEAR and didn’t make sure the public knew about it one way or another?

But the EPA? Well, there are rules for private citizens and then there are rules for cronies in government. (As we see time and again.)

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OU professor: Youths’ attraction to Sanders shows education failure (Socialism is the economics of the dim and the jealous)

Just – right – on – center.

Crony capitalism is a form of socialism and socialism is a dead end. It makes people poor and it is morally bankrupt.

That isn’t to say that opposing the current order isn’t a good thing. It is. But we live under too much socialism as it is. Free the market. Have a better life.

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Health Insurance, Drug Lobbyists Continue to Fuel Clinton Campaign

Ms. Clinton recently said that the drug companies were her “enemies.” Really? So why is she cashing all the giant checks from the drug companies then? She must really hate them, and they her. No way she’s throwing out soundbites to throw voters off of her donor scent. That isn’t like Hillary Clinton. She’d never do that.

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Unions, trial lawyers, government agencies, enviros, engage in crony capitalism too

Yesterday we covered an article in Newsweek where the author took issue with much of what he believed (and is) the hypocritical nature of some of the Republican candidates for president on the issue of crony capitalism. Marco Rubio and his embrace of sugar subsidies, an issue for which this website has taken him to task, was the prime example.

But the Newsweek piece was a clearly partisan one.

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Company Developing ‘Tech Tattoos’ So People Can Track Their Medical, Financial Info

The “tattoos” are not permanent and indeed they seem more like a sticker than a tattoo. However, this is just a step in a process. It wouldn’t be hard to make these devices permanent and there is no doubt that there are interests, both in government and in the private sector that would love to see these things permanently under our skin, constantly relaying our health and financial vitals to the cloud.

Imagine how easy it will be for the behavioral economists to “nudge”

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Why (some) millennials are embracing socialism

The author of the attached article, the former CEO of Office Depot Steve Odland, is right on the money. In the face of a deeply crony economic and political system, one which walls off opportunity for many while unfairly rigging the game for the few, it is natural for relatively politically unsophisticated young people to bend their ears to the siren song of socialism. That crony capitalism is itself a form of socialism in many regards is lost unfortunately on many.

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(Not a joke) California politicians to don donor logos if ballot initiative succeeds

We have long made the case that legislators should have to wear sponsor logos on their suits. In California someone is actually trying to make such a thing happen.

Seriously, how fantastic would this be?

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Virginia House Passes Bill to Authorize Hemp Farming without Federal Permission, 98-0

This Virginian grew hemp.

Hey, good for Virginia! My beloved Commonwealth gets things right occasionally. Allowing the farming of hemp is certainly a good thing. (Though it’s not a done deal yet.)

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Careful Young Entrepreneurs, the Police State is Cracking Down on Unauthorized Snow Shoveling

It wasn’t quite this bad.

On Friday I watched the mountains outside my window disappear behind a veil of heavy snow. It just kept coming and coming. My neighborhood soon looked like a village in the Swiss alps. We didn’t have a blanket of snow, it was more like a big fluffy down comforter of snow. By Saturday my 2 cars looked like giant marshmallows. The sidewalk in front of my house was thigh deep. I knew that Sunday was going to be a day of serious shoveling.

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EPA Official Has Resigned Over Flint Water Crisis

Last night my wife called me and told me that I had to listen to the NPR report on the Flint water crisis. I rolled my eyes. “No really.” she said, “They’re giving the EPA a hard time.”

When NPR is saying something negative about the EPA you know something is wrong. Somebody was actually sweating at the agency. Sure enough, it looks like today we have our official EPA fall guy (gal), Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman.

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About half of retiring senators and a third of retiring House members register as lobbyists

Washington DC is a company town. In Washington money and power flow back and forth in a strange double helix of back scratching and back stabbing. We shouldn’t be surprised that people latch onto Capitol Hill. It’s a seductive place.

Willie Sutton was once asked, “Why do you rob banks?”

The reply, “Because that’s where the money is.”

A similar question could be asked of many a congress person, “Why don’t you go back to the area you once represented?

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EPA Says It ‘Did Its Job’ Despite Not Telling Flint Its Water Was Contaminated

There are rules for the cronies, and then there are rules for us. Imagine if a private company had been tasked with testing Flint Michigan’s contaminated water, and this private company had known for 6 months that the water for the city was contaminated. But the company didn’t tell the public for fear it might embarrass local regulators? What do you think might have happened?

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