How Obama’s EPA Nearly Bankrupted John Duarte’s Farm (VIDEO)

Some people fail to comprehend that some of the biggest cronies of all work in government. The bureaucracy is deeply crony. It protects itself. It seeks to expand its budget – provided by taxpayers – always. The bureaucracy is constantly on a quest for power.

Think Exxon is bad? The EPA is probably worse. Much worse.

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The real answer to the democracy-killing ‘administrative state’

Most Americans have no real idea of the massive power vested (taken?) in the federal bureaucracy. Sure most people get that agencies enforce laws. But most don’t know that agencies do much more than that, and often create what amounts to law out of thin air via “rules” and “guidance.” Woe to to the business caught up in the bureaucratic net.

This is the “administrative state.” Part of the “deep state.”

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The American Conservative: Coal Cronyism – Wall Street writes a policy; Trump sells it to Appalachia as an elixir

Not far from a place I know pretty well.

I have family that comes from very near coal country. Times have been tough there. But Obama was only part of the problem. Natural gas is just a much better alternative to coal. The market has made this determination. Thanks to the fracking revolution we have plentiful (and much cleaner) natural gas.

Reviving coal artificially (which likely won’t happen anyway) is not smart.

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Trump’s Plan To Cut Regulations Will Face A Surprising Foe (But not surprising to us)

It’s probably not surprising to regular readers of this website either.

Big business LOVES government. It in many respects LOVES regulations. Whose lobbyists do you think write the regulations?

Regs often game the system toward the connected and entrenched. A Federal subsidy here. A new regulation that shuts out up and coming companies and technology there.

Cutting regulations is good for the economy. It’s good for small and medium sized businesses. It isn’t always so good for the behemoths that have teams of people working the politicians on Capitol Hill.

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Trump Signs Executive Order On Regulation: “For Every New Regulation, Two Regulations Must Be Revoked”

Cut it!

Believe it or not Canada, that’s right Canada, started this red tape cutting trend. We posted about Canada’s so called “1 for 1” regulation scheme in the spring of 2015. The law stated that for any new reg implemented an old reg had to be repealed.

Our readers loved the idea. But some readers said that a “1 for 1” deal didn’t take things far enough. Apparently President Trump agrees with them.

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Couple Forced To Destroy 40yo Pond On Their Own Property Because Govt Owns The Rainwater

The busybodies must by their nature remain “busy.” (Usually to the detriment of the people around them.) That’s why we must reduce the number of government busybodies. It’s the only way to keep these people in line. They’ll never stop. They’ll never regulate themselves. Their natural tendency is to insert themselves into every nook and cranny of life.

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Seattle might license dog walkers

See this what happens when one doesn’t license dog walkers. Before you know it dogs are walking each other. Then all hell breaks loose.

First off – I love dogs. I’ve had them all my life. I even had one in college. My dog Sabina, who truly is a companion is sleeping at my feet at this moment. But dogs are not people. They are not children. They are dogs.

Second – When did Seattle lose its mind?

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