The “barnacled enabler” McCain betrays conservatives, country on Obamacare repeal

He figured that re-election wasn’t an issue and so he did the wrong thing.

Having followed McCain, and even having supported him in 2000, there is likely a serious dose of spite in his vote.

Maybe not. Maybe he wasn’t trying to get back at anyone. But hey so what? Blowing up repeal is still wrong.

This is the same guy who once called for mandatory government service for young people. He believes in big government.

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Study: Senate Can Repeal Obamacare’s Regulations through Reconciliation, with Only 51 Votes

Not 60, as we’ve been told.

Obamacare is/was a deeply crony piece of legislation, written in large part by the insurance companies and pharma. The individual mandate is a travesty. Obamacare deserves/needs to be repealed. But the GOP leadership seems to think that once a program is in place it must always remain in place. Time for that kind of thinking to end.

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Rand Paul blasts GOP for keeping Obamacare in a ‘secure location’

Ryan and the big government Republicans are on the march, again.

Remember the last time there was a GOP president, and Senate, and House, and federal spending went up and government expanded? I do. I’l bet our readers do. We know Rand does.

This is what the powers that be did with the TPP if you remember.

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What Some Conservatives Aren’t Willing To Do To Kill Obamacare

The filibuster is an important tool which, as many have observed, has halted more bad legislation than good legislation. Getting rid of it would constitute a major change, and potentially a very bad one.

Even if it meant undoing Cronycare, eliminating the filibuster would likely come back to haunt fans of small government.

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The Party of Small Government: Republican governors across the country are trying to raise taxes

Republicans have been doing this for a long time.

When push comes to shove, it’s easier for many supposedly “conservative” governors to propose a tax increase with supposed benefits for his or her state than it is to simply let people keep their own money. The money they earned.

Whenever we go through these revenue increase phases it is always remarked that it’s been such and such number of years since the last increase so “we’re about due.”

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SEIU pushes Obamacare, Laborers International Union may push for repeal

No one seems very eager to get wrapped up in the launch of Obama’s grand experiment in social engineering, but it looks like the administration has finally gotten the SEIU on board. This is the same organization whose former head Andy Stern has praised Chinese “state capitalism” publicly (read – crony capitalism) so it figures.

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