John Kasich Sounds Like He’s Over The Republican Party

Now there’s a shock. I can’t believe it. Who would have thought???

Look, any Republican that would jump at a guest spot on Morning Joe (as we suspect Mr. Kasich would) probably would be happier in some other party. The country has moved on. 

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No, no, don’t worry. There’s no fraud: 19 dead Virginians just registered to vote

This just happened in the next university town down the road from me in Harrisonburg.  Hardball politics is in the air. I smell it wafting over the mountains.

Somewhere along the way Northern Virginia, populated with lots of government workers and people originally from the Northeast came to dominate my beloved Virginia. Now we have many of the same political problems people north of the Mason Dixon do. Heck we even have Terry McCauliffe, crony extraordinaire as our governor.

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Ex-RNC chairman: Include Libertarians in debates

The debates are one of the croniest parts of our electoral process. And the whole thing is of course crony.

Like him, don’t like him, or otherwise Johnson should be in the debates even with less than 15% support in national polls (he’s around 10%). The club needs to be opened up.

(From The Hill)

A former chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) is calling for Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson to be included in the presidential debates…

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WSJ: Blue Feed, Red Feed – See Liberal Facebook and Conservative Facebook, Side by Side

I will state for the record, again, that RED is not a conservative color. Blue was always the color of the Republican Party until the the 1992 election when the news networks flipped the colors. Dems were always RED, the color of the Left, and Republicans were always BLUE. And again, Texas is not a red state, North Korea is.

Also, so where is the libertarian feed?

Saying these things this is an interesting tool.

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Ron Paul: U.S. does not have democracy

From the dawn of the revolt.

And he wasn’t saying it in the “we don’t have a democracy, we have a republic” sense.

Sadly he’s largely right.

Though I do get the sense that people are pretty fed up with the political duopoly. Perhaps even fed up enough to actually do something about it. We are in the midst of a significant and complicated political realignment. I might be a bit more optimistic than Doctor Paul here.

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Legendary pollster Pat Caddell: Dems and the GOP collude to shut out 3rd parties, good presidential candidates

Pat Caddell is cantankerous in a charming uncharming way. He’s a grump who is grumpy for very good reason and who reflects the grumpiness of an isolated and marginalized (to date) electorate. He is angry. We’re angry. And he is right, it is a travesty that the presidential debates are limited to the the Democratic and Republican nominees.

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This is interesting, Head of Democratic Party can’t explain difference between “a Democrat and a socialist.” (VIDEO)

“I used to think there was a big difference.” – Chris Matthews

To be fair Debbie isn’t really running things. She has bosses who determine direction. But even still.

Kudos to Chris Matthews for a good question.

Bernie is pushing the Dems in interesting directions and creating contrasts and shadows where there weren’t ones before.

Trump is doing similar things in the GOP.

Fun to watch.

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