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Allowing Liberty on the Debate Stage by Gary Johnson

It is rather silly that in this day and age that only the Republicans and Democrats get the main debate stage.

Set a clear polling threshold early for the debates. Say, at such and such a time if 3 or 5 polling companies (they should be announced long beforehand) show a non-GOP or non-Dem candidate polling at 7% or more of the national vote then that person gets to be in the main debates.

(From Voices of Liberty)

The reason that only the Democrat and Republican nominees are allowed to debate is simple: The debates are entirely controlled by the Democrat and Republican parties. They own them—literally.  Oh sure, the nationally-televised presidential debates are sponsored by the official-sounding “Commission on Presidential Debates” – or CPD, as it is commonly known. Voters turn on the TV, see an official-looking debate stage, moderators usually recruited from the media, and hear that the event is sponsored by a “Commission”. It looks and sounds legit.

What the vast majority of those voters DON’T know is the CPD is a private organization created in 1987 by the Republican and Democratic National Parties for the express purpose of seizing control of the presidential debates.

Here’s how it works: This “Commission”, made up almost entirely of Republican and Democrat partisans, solicits funding for its activities from corporations and special interests. It requires the campaigns of the Republican and Democrat nominees for president to sign an agreement that they will ONLY participate in those debates sponsored by the CPD, thus foreclosing the possibility of any other organization sponsoring a debate that will actually be televised nationally. And…the CPD sets the rules not only for the debate formats, but for inclusion. In short, the Republican and Democrat Parties decide who is allowed to debate.

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Also, Voices of Liberty is a new website which features folks from all across the libertarian world. It launched today and we wish them the best.

Colorado 2016 poll: Rand Paul beats Hillary Clinton (By a lot.)

Colorado is a political bellwether. It is an interesting mix of rural and city, hippie and frontierspeople, gun nuts and gun control laws, new west and old west. It is perhaps the purplist of purple states. And right now Rand Paul is not quite crushing Hillary Clinton, but soundly ahead of her in this very important electoral state.

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Feds flying in style: Uncle Sam’s executive jets used for personal travel

Living it up with other people’s money. It’s long been a pastime for our government. (And governments in general. The British still put up with a “royalty.”)

You, you see aren’t in government. You are simply not that important. To the degree that you exist you exist as a profit center for us, the people who run the show.  We can wipe you out with a fountain pen. You should be thankful to pay for our private jets.

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Money wins Congressional races 91% of the time (Infographic)

In my very brief time on Capitol Hill after college I remember that raising money as soon as a Congressperson was elected was of the absolute highest priority. If one didn’t raise a pile of money early the other party might perceive you as weak and would then dump cash into your next opponent’s campaign.

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How to get fired from Fox News in under 5 minutes, Judge Napolitano breaks down the crony system we now live in.

Judge Napolitano said this on his show Freedom Watch 2 years ago and was soon unceremoniously shown the door.* It is a blistering critique of a system which is based to a large extent on lies of an almost unfathomable scale, the emotional manipulation of an American people into clubs (red or blue), and wholesale cronyism at the highest levels. Download this video to your brain because it is a classic speech and one I am glad I was reminded of tonight.

For my friends on the right and left, up, down, whatever, this is what honest politics looks like.

*His show was cancelled. Fox kept him on the payroll.

Washington Post: Libertarianism and the coming Republican political war

The most important movement in American politics right now is the libertarian one.

I was speaking with some folks in DC yesterday and everyone was talking about the Amash NSA vote in the House. While conversing with a generally “conservative” crowd the consensus seemed to be that things were starting to get real in the GOP caucus. Leadership refuses to stand up for the Constitution, against government and corporations colluding, and for reducing government generally. Many Republicans in Washington DC are starting to wonder if they have been had.

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