Raul Labrador: ‘Ironic’ that Democrats want to turn the US into the countries illegal immigrants are fleeing

This is a very legitimate point and a point a friend of mine, an older man who came from Argentina originally, made also to me years ago.  He and his wife were very concerned about the rise of “El Jefe” (crony) style politics. He believed that much of this rise came from the urban political machines exploiting a new immigrant population that was more familiar with Mexico or Guatemala’s system of patronage than with the US Constitution. These people knew the PRI,

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Cannabis stores should be able to bank just like other businesses

Despite the fact that recent polling shows that a majority of Republicans support the legalization of cannabis some Republicans in Washington (and Dems still too) are stuck in another era. Below is a case in point.

As we increasingly liberalize cannabis laws businesses that do business in cannabis need to be able to bank. Yet many legislators, and sadly many supposedly “small government” Republican legislators, have made banking as difficult as possible for the emerging industry.

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Republicans aren’t even pretending they care about cutting spending anymore

The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) is supposed to be about smaller government, not social issues.

It is a refrain we will continue to repeat. Government, though necessary in a very limited sense, should be much much smaller than it is today for any number of reasons. But particularly because government is the catalyst for crony capitalism. If there weren’t agencies to hijack  (And they aren’t always hijacked; some agencies were created specifically for the industries they “regulate,”

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“There, There, Work With Us, And We’ll Cut You In”

Michael Lind has written a long article in Politico (where he is a contributing editor) on the future of the Republican party. I’ll save you the trouble of reading all of it. At the end, it suggests that the rational thing for the party to do is to accept today’s “progressive” welfare state, but just try to tilt the government payments to white middle class workers and businesses, in other words the core voters and the core financiers of the party.

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Republicans move to revive government bank loathed by conservatives

Ohio Republican Congressman Steve Stivers who is in charge of swaying Republicans to join Democrats to restart Ex-Im, Boeing’s (and GE’s) Bank.

Find your member’s phone number HERE.

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Did you know that wars used to END? Today is the 70th Anniversary of VE Day

I run this clip periodically because I think it is one of the most important presidential speeches caught on tape. It is of president Eisenhower, who was the commander of American forces during World War 2 warning of the emergence of a powerful armaments industry in the United States, and the danger of such an industry. It was his farewell address to the nation.

I am a navy brat. My father is/was a Cold Warrior.  I’ve spent a good part of my life around the Military Industrial Complex and I believe Eisenhower’s warning was dismissed and continues to be dismissed simply because so many people make money in the war machine.

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Republicans’ first major bill may be a big subsidy to Disney, the NFL and property insurers

Well Boehner’s Speaker again so what else should we expect? Same old same old. More subsidies. More sweetheart deals. More winks. More nods. More crony capitalism.

Don’t you just love the Republicans, that “party of small government”?

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So what happened to the dying Republican Party?

The GOP may be talking small government and about fighting crony capitalism now, but 2 years ago these people were effectively locked out of the convention. Not going to forget that.

Since Obama was elected we have heard over and over that the Republican Party is the party of old white guys who’d soon be dead and that there wasn’t any hope for the demographically challenged elephant parade. (What one calls a group of elephants. Just found out.) Then Tuesday happened and like that even NPR is wondering what is wrong with the Democrats and where the GOP found all its mojo.

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Why do nearly all the super rich (with the exception of the Kochs and a couple others) support the Democrats?

Much has been made recently of the rich gaming the system for their own benefit. Of a new “guilded age.” Socialist economist Thomas Piketty’s new book has been getting rave reviews from all over the establishment because it makes the case that very powerful people with nearly bottomless bank accounts have gamed the system and that government induced redistribution is in order.

And indeed the rich have gamed the system for their benefit, but as Matthew Continetti points out in the attached article,

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Many students would welcome third major political party

I think the article pretty accurately reflects a growing sentiment. Young Dems are inclined to remain Democrats. The Democrats will likely remain the “statist” party. Those who generally want more government, believe in the collectivist ideal, are for increased centralization, and believe the only way to deal with environmental issues is through federal regulation are unlikely to leave the warm embrace of the Democratic Party anytime soon. It’s a union mentality.

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