Congress: Shut Down Government Until the New President Restores the Republic

Some good ideas here. Restoring the Republic should be THE goal.

The author focuses on one area of concern but there are many other areas of policy that deserve the same treatment.

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We need a renaissance of liberty in this country and a restoration of the Constitution

We need to break from the old 20th Century statism which has bloomed as the baby boomers have gotten into positions of power. We need a renaissance of liberty in the universities, in the media, in our schools, in our home life. And like most big social movements it will have to come from the bottom up. (And it has been.)

There is little interest in the official circles of government,  academia, or the media in a resurgence of liberal (in the classical sense) thinking.

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Judge Napolitano to Juan Williams: “You’ve Abandoned The Notion That The Constitution Means What It Says” (Video)

The Constitution is a tool by which we the people can fight the expansion of the system of crony capitalism which infects this country currently. A restoration of the rule of law, of the Constitution (what a concept), is key to reigning in the corporate/crony state. The first step would be revisiting the modern interpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause. That’s where we begin.

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The American Reformation Has Begun, Ron Paul the Modern Day Martin Luther

* I wrote this 2-20-2010

On October 31st 1517 Martin Luther trudged up a hill to the Castle Church in Wittenberg and nailed his 95 Theses to the door in the early morning light. The Theses amounted to a moral indictment of the Catholic Church, the controller of this world and gate keeper to the next. It was an act of supreme individual defiance, and an almost suicidal act. Martin Luther likely did not expect to see the sunset that day.

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