The price of LEDs is falling so fast it’s profitable to farm in a New Jersey nightclub

I had some hydroponic lettuce in my salad last night and not only was it delicious, really really delicious (as lettuce goes) it was relatively cheap. Things are changing. Opportunities abound. (That’s a good thing.) Let’s hope the government (and its big ag sponsors) doesn’t regulate this industry to death.

Guess which industry is ripe – get it – for disruption? (And I hate the word “disruption” but it fits here.)

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Crony media not trusted by public anymore, trust in banks, religion also has eroded

This is a direct reflection of the Internet revolution.

People have always questioned the established order of a particular time. They had hunches that something was amiss. That the whole story wasn’t being told. Now people can follow their hunches more easily by going online.

It’s not so different from what happened with the printing press.

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Socialism fails yet again in Venezuela: Looting breaks out as inflation rises, bread disappears

The French Revolution (and others) was tied to hyperinflation and a shortage of wheat. When people are hungry they get desperate. There is no reason why anyone should be hungry in Venezuela. It’s a verdant country. Yet the socialists have so mismanaged the economy that even here, in a veritable Garden of Eden, people are hungry. Even here, a country which sits on massive oil reserves nearly unrivaled in the world there is not enough energy to keep the lights on.

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Russell Brand Trademarks (steals) ‘r3VOLution’ Logo Made Famous by Ron Paul Campaign

Soon well find out who is the real revolutionary – Bob Marley

Russell Brand is a guy who understands about half as much as he thinks he does. Though we applaud his general political nonsense he advocates statism which only perpetuates the very corporatism he says he is against. In the end it seems that people like Brand just can’t get over the hump to realize that the voluntary exchange of goods and services is the most just way an economy (and world) can work.

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Fidel Castro the Crony: Former bodyguard reveals “revolutionary’s” secret mansion(s), private yacht, and general decadence

Who wants to be a massive hypocite who brings misery to his people?
“Ooh ooh, me!”

Cronies need government. Like a fish needs water to live the crony needs bureaucracy and red tape and regulations and force. The more government, the greater the cronyism, though this phenomenon has different flavors.

There’s the big American city flavor, the Soviet flavor, the post Soviet flavor, the Chinese state-capitalism flavor, the Mussolini flavor (goes well with vino), there’s the Latin American despot flavor,

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The Capitalist Cure for Terrorism

Mohamed Bouazizi, who’s immolation sparked the Arab Spring. He was a small businessman who had just been shut down by bureaucrats.

Hernando de Soto is one of my favorite economists. (Though as with almost anyone I disagree with him on some important points.) A champion of capitalism and everyday people he is my kind of guy.

His argument basically goes like this:

Poor people are shut out of economies. Cronyism and red tape make building businesses almost impossible.

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The Digital Threat to the Political Class

In the attached article pollster and co-founder of ESPN (among other things) Scott Rasmussen highlights the fear of change within Washington DC, and it is bi-partisan. The Internet has changed the political game, and it is only just beginning.

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This Crisis Has Proved That Capitalism Works

Where capitalism has been allowed to thrive it has pulled the world along. We are in the midst of a micro-entrepreneurial revolution facilitated in large part by technology which is cheap and powerful. Please notice how technology is one of the least regulated sectors of the world economy. At least it is right now.

More people think like producers these days than probably ever before. They think more like owners than as employees. This is a very good thing for the economy if we allow the revolution to bloom.

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