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The Capitalist Cure for Terrorism

Hernando de Soto is one of my favorite economists. (Though as with almost anyone I disagree with him on some important points.) A champion of capitalism and everyday people he is my kind of guy.

His argument basically goes like this:

Poor people are shut out of economies. Cronyism and red tape make building businesses almost impossible. In many countries the poor remain permanently on the margins of society. The poor typically have no property rights (even if they’ve been on a piece of land for generations for instance) and enforceable contracts do not often exist. As a result this situation limits access to capital – no one will provide a loan on a piece of property for which there is no deed – which then keeps the poor poor.

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The Digital Threat to the Political Class

In the attached article pollster and co-founder of ESPN (among other things) Scott Rasmussen highlights the fear of change within Washington DC, and it is bi-partisan. The Internet has changed the political game, and it is only just beginning.

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This Crisis Has Proved That Capitalism Works

Where capitalism has been allowed to thrive it has pulled the world along. We are in the midst of a micro-entrepreneurial revolution facilitated in large part by technology which is cheap and powerful. Please notice how technology is one of the least regulated sectors of the world economy. At least it is right now.

More people think like producers these days than probably ever before. They think more like owners than as employees. This is a very good thing for the economy if we allow the revolution to bloom.

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