Why a $15 minimum wage is “good” for rich people and bad for the less well off

We’ve been covering the minimum wage debate since its most recent flare up a few years ago and our assessment is the same. If the government decrees that a job be paid $15/hour that does not mean that a job which pays less than $15/hour previously will suddenly be WORTH $15/hour. The government can not just upend supply and demand. The market will just adjust to the new reg. For businesses which operate on thin margins,

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Minimum-wage offensive could speed arrival of robot-powered restaurants

Could? It absolutely willas we have said many times in this space. Good to see The Washington Post coming around.

Fast food jobs are entry level jobs. They are not meant to sustain families. And the harsh reality is that the work does not demand $15 an hour. One can not just use the magic wand of government and make it so. If we raise the minimum wage,

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The Robots Are Coming

Get ready. The robotization of the workforce (and many other things) will rock the world on par with what happened with the Internet. Likely to an even greater extent, though the two technologies are closely tied of course. The coming revolution will change the way we see the world and each other. Will we make good pets or will we transcend many of the limits which shackle humanity?

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World’s first robot chef makes 2000 different dishes, Demands $0/hour in pay

Say hello to the not too distant future. In the next 10 years robots will change our world in huge ways. They will upend labor markets and change our politics. Add in the Oculus Rift which makes real live virtual reality yours (I mean it is really, really cool) for $500, and watch out. You think the Internet changed your life? Just you wait.

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Someone spray painted “1776” all over a speed camera robot (which issues tickets) just outside of DC

You’ve been speeding Dave…

I just can’t believe that anyone would have a problem with an inanimate object issuing them a speeding ticket and extracting revenue for the county without even 1 human knowing what had occurred. Some people will just never get used to Big Brother. Trouble makers.

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