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The Mafia State of Mind

Michael: I’m working for my father now. He’s been sick, very sick.

Kay: But you’re not like him, Michael. I thought you weren’t going to become a man like your father. That’s what you told me.

Michael: My father’s no different than any other powerful man – any man who’s responsible for other people, like a senator or a president.

Kay[laughs] You know how naïve you sound?

Michael: Why?

Kay: Senators and presidents don’t have men killed.

Michael: Oh, who’s being naïve, Kay?

-From the film The Godfather

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The American Economy is Not a Free-Market Economy

Crony Capitalism in America, 2008–2012. By Hunter Lewis

by David Gordon 


Those of us who favor the free market must confront a problem. The virtues of the market, and the vices of socialism and interventionism, have been made incontestably clear by Mises, Rothbard, Hazlitt and others. The case for the free market, as these great figures explain it, can readily be grasped and demands no esoteric knowledge. Yet many academics reject the market. They condemn capitalism for leaving many in poverty and for glaring inequalities. How can so many academics fail to grasp what seem to us obvious truths?

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Bitcoin scares the banks and the government. This is why you should own some.

Look, the government wants to understand how Bitcoin works so that it can crush it (which it looks like it can not,)  co-opt it, or replace it with a government sponsored version of Bitcoin. The government and central banks are deeply concerned that Bitcoin will undermine the worldwide central bank system. If they could kill it they would have at this point. But they can’t.

Now they are desperately trying to use the antiquated tools at their disposal to make the innovators spill the beans so the old government and banking establishment can gather them up.

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