Reporters Without Borders: Russian bill is copy-and-paste of Germany’s (terrible) hate speech law

Across the world states are trying to lock down speech. China is leading the way but Europe and the US are increasingly restrictive.

Of course it’s all an effort at restricting “hate speech.” Right.

Speech is speech, and “hate speech” as defined by the state is often just something someone somewhere in the state aparatus doesn’t want to hear.

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(Obama) DOJ let Russian lawyer into US before she met with Trump team

“That’s a discretionary act that the statute allows the attorney general to do in extraordinary circumstances. In this case, we did that so that Mr. Katsyv could testify. And we made the further accommodation of allowing his Russian lawyer into the country to assist,” he added.

This is why I don’t watch House of Cards anymore. Real Washington provides more than enough twists and turns.

Excellent job The Hill.

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Russian Lawyer At Center Of Trump Jr Scandal Speaks: “I Have No Government Ties”

So the Trump Jr. email story came out and I’m looking for meat. Please feel free to post it if you have some. But it looks to be yet more conjecture and innuendo. As always – we could be wrong.

It sounds like a pretty typical campaign meeting to me. I can almost guarantee similar meetings (with similar shadowy figures) happened in the Clinton camp.

And some shady meetings happened between some not so shadowy figures too. 

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