The TEA Party was and is the ACTUAL RESISTANCE, not the big government people, certainly not Hillary supporters

A friend of mine just told me that movie theaters across the nation will soon be showing the movie 1984 in protest of the Trump administration. My friend looked at me incredulously and asked, “Where the hell were these people during the Obama administration?”

Now I couldn’t be more for millions of people watching 1984, I don’t care why.

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Politico: Freedom Caucus aligns with Bannon in risky Obamacare gambit

I would have put the word “risky” in quotes in the headline. Shoot, what isn’t risky in Washington?

The congressional conservatarian wing is asserting itself with Trump. It does not like Obamacare-lite. Steve Bannon understands this wing and why it is so important to give the members of this group a seat at the table. Can Mr. Bannon broker a deal? Probably.

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Rand Paul blasts GOP for keeping Obamacare in a ‘secure location’

Ryan and the big government Republicans are on the march, again.

Remember the last time there was a GOP president, and Senate, and House, and federal spending went up and government expanded? I do. I’l bet our readers do. We know Rand does.

This is what the powers that be did with the TPP if you remember.

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Poll: 73% of Likely Republican Voters believe GOP leaders have lost touch with Republican voters

In the polling world 73% is a big number. When a president is at 73% approval it is the smoothest of sailing. When 73% of the voters in a party think party leaders are not reflecting their views it reflects serious anger.

Likely GOP leadership will dismiss these numbers as they have the TEA Party, the opposition to the Omnibus spending bills, the opposition to the Export-Import Bank renewal, and all sorts of other things.

How long leadership can continue to do so is another question.

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Did you know that taxpayers continue to fund an office and staff for former Speaker John Boehner? Yep, that guy. (VIDEO)

What kind of “conservative” quits Congress but continues to have the taxpayers pay for an office and staff? No wonder we could never get spending curtailed with Speaker Boehner in office. He didn’t and doesn’t care about the money we send to Washington. Clearly in his eyes such funds are spoils not a precious resource.

Sadly it appears the same can be said for Speaker Ryan.

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So what is actually in the Omnibus? (“They wanted Big Oil so much that they gave away the store,” – Nancy Pelosi)

The Omnibus is a BIG bus. It’s got lots in it.

We’ve recently posted on the insertion of CISA (Patriot Act 2),  and the lifting of the oil export ban. We told you who voted for the thing HERE and HERE.

What we find most interesting of all is that the media is not covering the special interest tax breaks. On the fiscal cliff bill a few years ago,

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An unholy crony alliance, How Nancy Pelosi empowered Big Oil in the Omnibus

This is a real road. Not a joke. I have stood under this sign in San Francisco. It intersects with Smarmy Lane, Crony Turnpike, and “We Have To Pass It To See What’s In It Road.*

The American Petroleum Institute wanted the export ban on American oil lifted. Nancy Pelosi gave it to them in the Omnibus. In return Republicans just had to sell everyone else out. Which Speaker Ryan did.

So the oil companies, Nancy Pelosi, and the big government crew got what they wanted.

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