Basic economics San Francisco hipster style

I’m not dissing San Francisco here. I’m not even dissing San Francisco hipsters. (Who are way more fun that the Brooklyn type in my experience.) I actually like the city quite a lot. But I don’t have to pay taxes or deal with the regs (and people like below) there either.

I will also say that San Francisco is the only place I’ve ever been followed into a restaurant by a homeless person who demanded that I buy her a piece of pizza.

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“Local minimum wage hikes cause restaurants to leave or shut down and deter new ones from entering, according to a new Harvard Business School study”

Last year we discussed why a significant rise in the minimum wage in places like Seattle and San Francisco was “good” for wealthy urbanites (you know, it pushes out the undesirables [some might call them “deplorables”] in the name of “social justice”) but was actually bad for those who worked for minimum wage.

Fast forward to now.

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Liberal CEO Slams Middle America: ‘No Educated Person Wants to Live in Sh*thole With Stupid People’

No thanks.

There are things I like about San Francisco. But there are many things that I don’t.

What many people in the “city” do not understand is that many of us did the city and wanted out. Why would anyone want to live stacked on top of one another, with constant noise, with crime, and pollution?

In the words of the hitchhiker in the movie Easy Rider, “I’m from the city.

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Colin Kaepernick speaking today (yesterday) — his thoughts on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the U.S. Presidential election (VIDEO)

Generally speaking we are not inclined to give much weight to sports figures or other entertainers when it comes to politics. But given the controversy surrounding the fact that Kaepernick did not stand for the national anthem I think this video is appropriate fare for our readers. Mr. Kaepernick’s take on the current political situation I think reflects where a lot of Americans are. He expresses his frustration with both major candidates.

We don’t agree or disagree with what the San Francisco quarterback has to say,

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The anti-crony activists fighting for property rights in San Francisco

Let me say from the outset that development can be a pain. I live in an area which has seen lots of development in the past 3 years and I miss the old version of my town. In fact I had a guy build a much too big house on a tiny lot just across from me. I was NOT happy.

Over the past 3 years I have also seen how local cronyism can influence where houses are built,

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San Francisco minimum wage increased 14% and local Chipotles just raised prices by 10-14%?

I personally am a big fan of Chipotle. And there ain’t no such thing as a free burrito bowl.

This is how it works folks. Nothing is free. Everything has a cost. Just because the government says that a price (in this case wages) will be be X doesn’t mean that the real price of a good or service is actually X. The REAL price is X minus the government mandated price increase.

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Nancy Pelosi’s Life in the 0.1 Percent

Ms. Pelosi has played the crony capitalism game well. The way she sees it – I promise you this is how she sees it – she’s just doing well, while doing good.

It’s the tune of many a crony.

“See, it’s OK that I live like this, even though I rail against the ‘rich,’ because I am one of the good guys. I’m for more money for welfare, and all sorts of other government programs to help the peasantry…

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Politico gets confidential campaign memo: Secret effort to sell Hillary Clinton to rich liberals

The preferred nominee in San Francisco?

This is a very interesting and illuminating article, though if one has been following what’s been going on with Ms. Clinton lately it is not surprising. It should be noted that the fundraising bogey appears to have been cut in half from $1 billion to a mere (sic) $500 million. That is very significant.

Ms. Clinton is not lighting the world on fire for many rich lefties and her campaign in clearly concerned.

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Tom Steyer wants to buy the next election, Teams with Soros, others

But Nick, these are good billionaires. They are fighting “climate change.” They are “green.” They are progressives.

Yeah, well they are also pushing regulations which will benefit them financially you can rest assured of that. You can also rest assured that they consider anyone who believes that government should be as small as humanly possible is – I hate to use this term – the enemy. To them those who won’t get on the green bandwagon are actually wronging the world.

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Rents that make the brain bleed in San Francisco: $5,295/month for a one bedroom apartment?

This picture was just too good not to share.

I quite like San Francisco. I have a client out there and for the past 4 years I’ve spent a week in the city (and around it) in June. I wouldn’t say that I’ve left my heart there, or that I could ever imagine living in the place, but it has a certain foggy, pot odored, good beer doused charm. I respect the place even though it has a road,

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Uber in San Francisco is bigger than the taxi industry is or ever was

Uber has been fun to watch. And even though the company did hire a crony of its own recently to deal with urban politicians looking to shake down the company, Uber is still a very good free market story. It’s busting up government sponsored taxi regimes in cities all over the world and generally providing a much higher quality product than the old taxi companies were. It’s putting the heat on politicians and transit unions. (When the BART workers struck last year it was Uber and similar services which came to the rescue of commuters.) It is creating value.

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San Francisco rent control contributes to housing shortage

This op-ed was written by a colleague of mine in San Francisco, Bill Shireman. His organization, Future 500 is a client.

I have written a number of times about the City by the Bay at ACC. It is a fascinating place. A refuge for the weird and for the rich and for the weird and rich. Jammed onto the tip of a peninsula, space is at a serious premium. Throw in a government which is very very “liberal”

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