Watch Leftist Students Say Science Is Racist and Should Be Abolished (VIDEO)

This is where political correctness (a term coined by Marx) which is a type of religion, has taken us.

Science is racist. Just what South Africa needs, people who think witchcraft (which is indigenous) is equivalent (superior?) to the scientific method. Why? Because science is “Eurocentric.”

This kind of thinking ought to work out great for the country.

But the smug ignorance displayed by the woman in the attached video is the same I see displayed by some Americans on the “Left”

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The incredible tale of irresponsible chocolate milk research at the University of Maryland

Did you know that chocolate milk can improve cognitive function? In fact that one particular brand of chocolate milk can help cognitive function? Seriously, it’s all right here in this report from the University of Maryland. Of course the study was also partly sponsored by the chocolate milk company which makes the chocolate milk with all the “health benefits,” so there is that.

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Tea Partiers have high level of Science Comprehension

I am quite lucky that in my work I get to meet people from all over the political spectrum on a regular basis. Being a bridge between different groups is big part of my work outside of Against Crony Capitalism and it is very gratifying work.

But I am continually amazed by folks who exist within the mainstream news bubble in Washington DC. These are often brilliant people but they buy certain narratives without a second thought.

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Cancer Cronyism Deep in the Heart of Texas?

Six years ago, Texas floated a series of bonds to fund cancer research within the Lone Star State. But the program, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT), has seen more than its share of controversy. Some are levying accusations of cronyism.

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Why Is Government Food and Diet Advice So Bad?

The article below from a UK based health organization discusses how bad government food and diet advice is and how it is distorted by the pleadings of special interests. This is not just in the US. It is all over the world.  The French government offers the best recipes, but even its advice is distorted by agricultural interests. If we can’t trust government to be straight with advice based on nutritional science, then  what government advice can we trust?

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