“Local minimum wage hikes cause restaurants to leave or shut down and deter new ones from entering, according to a new Harvard Business School study”

Last year we discussed why a significant rise in the minimum wage in places like Seattle and San Francisco was “good” for wealthy urbanites (you know, it pushes out the undesirables [some might call them “deplorables”] in the name of “social justice”) but was actually bad for those who worked for minimum wage.

Fast forward to now.

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King County (Seattle) using customer grocery store data to target pet owners, send licensing notices

“Please don’t fine my owner.”

“You see…Vee have noticed that you’ve been buying quite a lot of dog food recently…Now vee can do this the easy vay or the hard vay…Where is the dog? And do you have a license? Please check in with with the local pet commissar immediately.”

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Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage: Jobs Down, Unemployment Up. This Isn’t Working, Is It?

We warned that Seattle would see problems due to its minimum wage law.

The simple fact, one which many have a hard time understanding, is that just because a city council says that a job by law must pay $15.00/hour (or whatever) does not mean that the value of the work done in a particular job, a job which paid less than $15.00/hour before is now suddenly worth $15.00/hour. The city council can’t just upend reality by decree.

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Seattle Gives Cash to Turn Average Joe Into Political Player

This will be an interesting experiment. I don’t much care for taxes financing politicians running for office (at all), but I’m interested to see how this works out. Lots of landmines with this though as the article explains.

And hey, if people running for office get vouchers, why not kids stuck in crummy schools?

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Progressive Implosion in Seattle: “Activists” interrupt Bernie Sanders, force shut down of event (VIDEO)

The title of the video says that the activists were “Black Lives Matter” activists, and this may be true though I didn’t see or hear any indication of that.* Frankly whatever group they represent these folks represent the insanity of the deep statist camp. Sanders is a guy making their case and the activists still blew up the event. Doesn’t seem too smart to me.

It should also be noted that certain powers that be are not happy that Bernie Sanders is polling even with a certain former Senator from New York.

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Owner of pizza shop says new Seattle minimum wage law is forcing her to close

The simple fact is that a minimum wage which is completely divorced from the natural wage rate will cause havoc all through the economy. People will lose hours and jobs. Businesses will go out of business. People will leave for lack of jobs. Lives will be disrupted.

I wish this wasn’t the case. But it is.

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Washington Times: Blue-state businesses on endangered species list

You may not like it. Heck, I may not like it. But this is reality.

I hate the whole “blue state”/”red state” nonsense. Cuba and North Korea are “red states” not Texas. And the color blue is traditionally a conservative color not one associated with the “Left.” For some reason the colors the networks designated as indicating whether a state voted for one party or the other flipped in 1992 with the election of Bill Clinton.

That aside,

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Feds give laid-off Boeing workers a big (GIANT) helping hand (It pays to be a crony)

The Department of Labor has approved a lavish unemployment benefit for laid off Boeing workers. They will receive unemployment benefits 5 times longer than other workers, taxpayers will pay 90% of any expenses related to interviewing for another job out of state, and 90% of moving costs if indeed the worker takes such a job.

Anyone out there who’s been laid off in the past 5 years or so (I know there are many of you) get a deal like this?

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Gay Rights and Gun Rights Linked in Seattle Posters, Causing Control Freaks’ Heads To Explode

The world needs more of this kind of activism. It clearly defines the fight for liberty and shines a stark light on the inconsistencies which are often found in the traditional American “Right” and “Left.”

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