Top Secret Service official urged release of unflattering information about congressman (Chairman of the committee which oversees Secret Service)

This isn’t surprising. And it begs the question – What other agencies are sitting on “embarrassing information” about other members of Congress and other government officials? The FBI had files and files on Kennedy, and likely every other president since. I imagine they still have files going on lots of elected officials, likewise the NSA, the Secret Service, and who knows what other alphabet soup agencies.

But it’s one thing to have a file. (Still not cool, but let’s be real.) It’s another to leak such information to undermine the chairman of the committee which polices your agency.

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DEA agents held ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels

Columbia it appears is the place to be if one wants to party hardcore on the US taxpayer dime. Forget Cancun kids. Medellin is where things are really going down.

Hey, when in Columbia…But one shouldn’t be doing it with taxpayer money. Oh, wait, in the case of the DEA parties it was the drug cartels who paid for everything. So I guess that’s cool.

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Government agents harassed the neighbor of a Secret Service employee because of a neighborhood dispute? (Video)

Good to know that the Secret Service was detailing this woman and her children in rural Maryland because the secretary of the Director of the agency had a neighborhood beef with her. At least this is what is alleged.

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Secret Service kept tabs on Reddit co-founder Swartz before his suicide, documents show

The government sought to make an example of Swartz. You share information which is technically illegal and we the state will hammer you, with no mercy. We will come down on you so hard you’ll wish you’d never heard the words “open source.” Do you HEAR that copyright infringers? Do you HEAR that whistleblowers?

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Should Taxpayers Have to Pay the Expenses of Ex-Presidents? We Do Now. (In 2010 We Paid $80,000 for Bush’s Phone Bill)

So what’s over a half a million dollars for Clinton’s rent in New York City? The guy deserves it. Just think of it as stimulus. His total bill to the taxpayer in 2010 was over $1 million. These are just expenses, not pension, Secret Service (wink) etc.

The first George Bush charged us $800K in 2010. His son, including an $80K phone bill, charged us over a $1 million.

They can submit any expense they like and the taxpayer must pay for it.

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