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Harry Reid’s lawyer inserts last minute provision in Cromnibus which allows political donations to parties of “$777,600 or more”

Well, it isn’t really so much money in campaigns that the congressional Democrats have a problem with. It is OUTSIDE money they have a problem with. Money not controlled by the party. That’s why this bit of language was inserted into the current spending bill by Harry Reid’s lawyer.

Plus the law firms get paid big time too. Win/win for establishment Washington. Everyone knows that shame has little reward on Capitol Hill.

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Chuck Schumer: Passing Obamacare in 2010 Was a Mistake

I’d say passing Obamacare at any time was a mistake. The program was and is a train wreck which is still piling up. The Dems know it. The American people know it. And it is the reason, to a large degree, why the Senate and the House are in GOP hands.

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Senator Mike Lee lays out an agenda for the Senate (And it’s pretty good)

At the top of the list is building trust with the American people. OK, that is key.

Just below building trust with the citizenry? Fighting crony capitalism. No joke. Lee sees it (rightly) as perhaps the issue which will define the success of this Congress and the GOP going forward. If the GOP actually works to reduce crony capitalism, to free up the economy, to reduce the special deals for big business and other large interests, the party  will be rewarded. If however the Republicans lapse back into favor pedaling voters will punish the party.

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A look at the new political landscape from the Against Crony Capitalism perspective

Let’s get one thing straight from the outset. The Republicans winning big yesterday was not necessarily a win in the fight against crony capitalism. It is a mixed bag at best. Sure Harry Reid, a consummate crony capitalist was kicked out of majority leadership, but we got Mitch McConnell in his place who is more than happy to boondoggle when it suits him.

Sadly The Hill reports that one of the first things on McConnell’s agenda is the reintroduction of CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, a terrible piece of legislation which (among other things) gives immunity to Internet companies which give your information over to the government. The government may soon be able to troll through your browsing history (legally) without a warrant with help from your ISP. Not exactly progress on the freedom front.

It is also very unlikely that the Ex-Im Bank will be defunded. Something which would appear to be a no-brainer for a Republican Party really interested in reducing the size and scope of government.

And don’t forget that there’s a war on – again – in the Middle East. Increased funding for the military and for military contractors is very likely. Again, not exactly what a small government party would do.

In many ways last night was a win for the establishment GOP, the generally large government, corporate inclined GOP.

But it’s not all grumbles.

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Kansas GOP Senator is in trouble, starts calling up every lobbyist he can

It’s a tough race for Senator Pat Roberts. After 18 years in the Senate he is in a political dogfight with independent candidate Greg Orman. Orman is leading right now by 10 points – in Kansas – this election. This year should have been a cakewalk for a GOP senator from the Sunflower State. But no.

Roberts isn’t going out without calling in every favor he can from K Street Washington however.

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