As an era closes, Barbara Boxer defends politics as a ‘noble’ profession (Ha!)

I actually think it in theory can be if one works to wrestle power away from entrenched interests and to reduce the state. But generally the people who go into politics lust after power which is not a “noble” disposition even if it is a natural one.

Ms. Boxer, despite this loving (and obligatory) sendoff by the LA Times was a classic politician in the classic sense. She sought through her career to take more money for the government and more from taxpayers.

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Dilma Rousseff the Crony Capitalist/Socialist has Officially Been Thrown Out of Brazil’s Presidency

Brazil is truly and deeply a crony economy. Red tape strangles everything. This has long been the case. However, since the socialists came in on the “Pink Tide” it’s just gotten worse.

But this is progress. There was no coup. The removal was constitutional. And Brazil’s young and very strong libertarian movement was key in this effort. Let’s hope that Brazil will continue to turn its back on crony capitalism/socialism in the weeks, months, and years ahead.


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The government can get you even if you didn’t know you were doing anything “wrong.” Might that change?

What does the legal term mens rea mean? Why is it especially important for doctors who are trapped in a sea of unintelligible regulations and can be sent to jail for 5, 10 years or even life if they perform a procedure which, after the fact, the government decides was “unnecessary” and was billed to Medicare, Medicaid, or even a private insurance company? A new piece of legislation in the Senate attempts to tackle this issue.

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Going backward: Senate votes to require women to register for the draft

Congrats women. Now you’re in the club too.

The draft should not exist. That the state thinks that it can simply conscript its citizenry into war is wrong. We are supposed to be a free society. The draft should be long gone and it certainly shouldn’t be expanded. A fighting force should be all volunteer or no war – that’s it. And given that We the People don’t even get to weigh in on war anymore via Congress and a declaration this is a particularly bad development.

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Rep. Mulvaney weighs in on the Pentagon’s massive overseas slush fund

Why are we writing the Pentagon a nearly blank check? It’s just not very smart.

“Conservatives,” open ended military spending is not very conservative at all.

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