Are Social Justice Warriors really just indulging their egos?

A new study seems to indicate that this is the case.

I think many of us intuitively sense this. In college it seemed the kids who were most into the PC religion were often the most “privileged” and from the most lily white areas. At least it seemed that way to me.

Justice must be done!

OK, so how about lowering the taxes on my middle class family? That would be a step in the justice direction don’t you think?

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More Religion of Grievance: Professor who tweeted against PC culture is out at NYU

Mao’s Red Guard was made up of “social justice warriors” too.

The “PC gestapo” is in full effect on college campuses today.

Political correctness is not about civility. It is not about being polite. (People who don’t know better will argue that PC is about being polite, and so will people who absolutely do know better. The former are just ignorant. The latter devious.) It is about control. It is about speech control and thought control.

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