“Small business owners are getting screwed.” Democratic candidate for Congress makes a GREAT video on cronyism and the over regulation of small business

ACC is a completely non-partisan organization. We do not support/endorse or oppose any candidate for office. We believe that both major parties are heavily influenced by special interests and will report on crony capitalism wherever and whenever we see it.

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Small businesses losing out in subsidy game: Survey

The game in the United States is absolutely rigged toward big business. We have a crony economic system which benefits the connected and the established at the expense of new ideas and growth. If you’re in the club, we’ve got some taxpayer money for you. If not, well, you can apply for admission but chances are you aren’t getting in.

The fundamental problem here is that governments take from taxpayers and give to connected interests at all. In our opinion that is not the proper role for government and we should be working at all levels of government to reduce subsidies.

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Aetna CEO sees piles of taxpayer financed profits thanks to Obamacare

Aetna has more than trippled in stock price since Obamacare passed. It’s almost like the law was written FOR them or something.

That’s nice. It sure is good to know that the crony deal of the century (so far) Obamacare, is working out for the giant insurance companies. I was worried for them.

I’m joking of course since the giant health insurance companies along with Big Pharma wrote a good piece of the law. A law which was not even supported by a majority of Americans but was forced through Congress on questionable procedural grounds.

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The entrepreneur, a vanishing species?

It’s hard to start a business. It takes skill, capital, tolerance of risk, and just good old hard work. Layer the red tape on top of all the things a business owner must contend with in the marketplace these days and it’s not surprising that we are losing more businesses than we are creating as an economy.

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Obamacare Hits Small Business Hard in 2015

Small business is only the heart and soul of this country. No big deal. It’s not like it’s hard to make a small business work even without entangling government red tape and expensive mandates from DC made by bureaucrats who don’t even know what a payroll is. It’s pretty easy.

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The ACA and filing season. Be afraid

Just be glad you’re not a small business. If non-compliant it’s $100/day/employee for even minor violations.

The Obamacare open enrollment period is upon us again. But as the author of the attached article says, enrollment isn’t the biggest challenge for the program over the next 6 months. When April 15th comes a LOT of individuals are going to be paying penalties they don’t realize they are going to have to pay.

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Welcome to Cronimerica: U.S. businesses are dying faster than they’re being created (This is new)

A recent Brookings Institution study determined that the US is at its least entrepreneurial in decades. Companies are dying, and new companies are not coming online fast enough.

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Is the “American Dream” dead? Has the cronystocracy screwed things up for everyone else?


My dream is a lot more than this.


For as long as there has been an “American Dream” there have likely been people who insisted that it was dead. But it’s funny. No one really knows what the “American Dream” actually is.

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Small trucking company shut down by Feds for 30 days due to 2 defective tires

The company has 17 trucks and 30 employees. 2 of the trucks apparently had a defective tire on them when inspected and the federal government cited the company and sent a letter demanding a “Plan of Corrective Action.” The letter was sent by regular mail, and was not received. Getting no response from the business owner the Feds shut down the company.

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Obama admin repeatedly modified (Obamacare) ‘grandfathering’ rules to benefit big business, not individuals

Basically if one had an individual plan one was likely going to lose one’s coverage. If one was lucky enough to have a large group plan through a company then one was likely to see things remain the same. (Don’t want to upset the employees of corporate donors.)

It’s the small business owners, artists, consultants, etc. who get hammered, which is typical in a crony capitalist system.

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