End Warrantless Deep State Spying: Don’t Renew 702 (VIDEO)

16 years ago today the world went nuts. And it hasn’t recovered. Things have basically been crazy ever since.

Perhaps the saddest thing to come out of the September 11th attacks is the degree to which this country abandoned long held principles in a climate of fear. It was on 9/11 that the surveillance state was really birthed on a domestic level. It was in the wake of the attacks that many Americans just gave up their birthright to dignity,

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Oliver Stone slams tech giants accusing them of “collaborating” with the government, calls it “form of fascism”

Oliver Stone is not my favorite guy in the world. He has said and done a number of things with which I strongly do not not agree. However he is a hell of a director and Wall Street and Platoon rank in my personal all time top 20 movies. And he is absolutely correct about the cozy relationship between some tech companies, particularly Google (which has visited the White House far more than any other company during Obama’s presidency) and the government.

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Why NSA surveillance is worse than you’ve ever imagined

I was at a meeting in Washington right after Snowden had revealed some of what we now know about the NSA spying on Americans when the phone intercom system went out, made a bit of noise, and then cut back on again. The presenter joked that it was the NSA listening in.

Of course it wasn’t the NSA – I would have pitied the poor guy who had to listen to that meeting on tax policy, I barely made it through the afternoon –

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Pro Publica: When U.S. Companies Help the NSA

We have long covered what happens the in the shadowy alleyways where the NSA and corporate America have gotten together in their unholy unions. Sometimes these unions are voluntary. We have seen also that many of these relationships were not and that companies have no choice but to work with the NSA.

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The Atlantic: “Why is Greenwald widely considered to be a radical? In part because the press in America largely refuses to entertain the possibility that the U.S. government itself has taken a radical turn.”

Conor Friedersdorf at Atlantic Magazine reviews Glenn Greenwald’s new book, No Place to Hide and he finds the case made within the pages to be a conservative one.

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Rand Paul asks Americans to join him in a class action lawsuit targeting the NSA (Video)

This is a Constitutional issue. This is a general privacy issue. But it’s also a crony capitalism issue. How many tech companies have been compelled to partner with, or have partnered willingly with the NSA in its domestic spying efforts? At this moment it looks like a good part of Silicon Valley falls into one or both of these categories.

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Greenwald calls MSNBC out on crony journalism: I Defend Snowden Like You Defend Obama “24 Hours a Day” (Video)

More than fair play. For an outlet like MSNBC to accuse someone of being a spokesman for a person or an agenda is ridiculous.

This is why MSNBC’s ratings continue to tank. (Right with the president’s poll numbers.)

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Judge Napolitano: It’s not just the NSA, now the FBI, your local police are also spying on US citizens (with the help of telecom companies)

It looks like the telecoms for the most part have been coerced into working with the authorities, but there is no doubt a fair amount of voluntary cooperation between the cops and the companies which provide the world’s communication infrastructure. Crony communication.

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