The University of Arizona is paying students $10 per hour to assume the responsibilities of “Social Justice Advocates.”

This was Mizzou but same state of mind.

See, this the sort of thing that I was talking about in a previous video on the #alumnistrike. I’ll bet many Arizona taxpayers wouldn’t be inclined to fund “social justice” indoctrination. (I know the “social justice” types. I grew up with them and had to tolerate them in college.)

Is this an appropriate use of taxpayer money? Why not just get the junior chapter of the Symbionese Liberation Army to come in and berate students for free?

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University Offers SAFE SPACE For Students Traumatized By Republican Convention

There, there, my sensitive little college orchid. We know the harsh winds brought by those nasty Republicans down the street may curl your sensitive leaves. But we at Case Western Reserve are here for you. We will protect you. We will make sure that you are OK. Some things are just too beautiful for Republicans. 

(From The Daily Caller)

A July 11 statement in The Daily, Case Western’s internal e-newsletter,

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How could Pope Francis be so wrong on capitalism?

I have to say that I was saddened by Pope Francis’s recent assertion that “rampant capitalism” is a source of many of the world’s ills.

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How to screw up an economy Fascist style: A dispatch from crony Argentina

 “They won’t be successful in attracting capital this way,” he said in a telephone interview. “Nobody will trust a government that repeatedly violates laws and doesn’t value contracts.”

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The Tragedy That is the Income Tax Celebrates its 100th Birthday

On February 3, 1913 Delaware ratified the 16th Amendment to the Constitution which created the income tax. It was a dark day for America yet some see it as a day to be celebrated, or ahem, “commemorated.” Professor Ajay K. Mehrotra at Indiana University is one of these people. In an essay in Bloomberg he explains to us that the income tax was not born from any effort  “radically” redistribute of wealth, but in fact from a high minded progressive effort more interested in “balanc(ing) fiscal duties and civic responsibilities.”

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Think taxes are too low? Here are 40 taxes in addition to federal and state income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare taxes, which the average person pays.

“Hard working middle class families and small businesses all over America are being financially raped by this insidious system.”

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