The #OLDMEDIA continues to die: ESPN Loses A Record 621,000 Subscribers In One Month, However #NEWMEDIA Models are Working

First it was the local newspapers. Then the big newspapers started going belly up. Now  the mighty cable giants are in trouble.

The information gatekeepers are losing their grip. The taste makers, the talking heads, the producers and the TV programmers (at least the ones attached to traditional broadcasters) all see that their positions and status aren’t what the used to be. People are “cutting the cord.” The great unwashed increasingly is turning its back on media created in LA and New York.

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Truly open social media? New site with momentum, GAB

We post this for our readers’ information. Whether GAB takes off is an open question. (To say the least.) Most social media alternatives have a hard time carving out a space for themselves these days. But GAB says that it will truly be a censorship free platform. In that case it’s at least worth checking out.

Click here.

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Adventures in the Trump Twittersphere (Social media has changed politics and has made politics much more – small ‘d’ – democratic)

A pretty evenhanded bit of analysis of Trump, his followers, and social media from of all outlets, The New York Times.

I founded (and still run) Exelorix Consultants which initially helped small and medium sized businesses figure out what to do in social media. I founded it in early 2009 before many people had seen social media’s potential, especially from a business standpoint. For a couple of years I actually had to convince many business owners that social media was even important.

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Social media can keep you from being ‘The Millionaire Next Door’

Of course “social media” isn’t holding you back financially. It is buying into the social media “keeping up with the Jones’s” thing which will keep you back.

I must admit that most of my personal social media is basically a news feed. The people I converse with online are mostly politically inclined and politics is what they post about most of the time. (It would be a pretty boring feed for many people.) I see way more videos of police brutality,

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Citizen pulls over cop for speeding, Cop union president goes nuts tries to smear citizen on social media, Posts citizen phone number publically

This is just flat out bullying. Mix arrogant cops (many cops are great – I’ve known a few) with a police union boss who thinks his guys can operate with impunity and this is what one gets. It’s disgusting. The police union chief has got a lot to answer for.

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How People Outpace Politicians

(From FEE)

Maybe there was a time when the political culture seemed to keep up with the pace of innovation. If so, those times are long gone. The rhetoric of electoral politics is exposing the great rift in civic life.

The tools we use every day, the technologies we love, the way we engage each other, the means by which our lives are improving are a consequences of innovation, markets, community, and globalization — that is,

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Welcome to Jun, the town that ditched bureaucracy to run on Twitter

In 2009 I founded a company (of one, me) called Exleorix which focuses on how businesses (and others) can use social media effectively. It warms my heart to see this story.

Believe it or not we are just getting started with social media. There are many areas where it will grow further. Virtual reality plus social media is right around the corner.

The idea that social media can be used to cut through red tape is exactly the kind of idea which inspired me 6 years ago.

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How big data can spot unemployment before the government can

I founded my little consultancy Exelorix over 6 years ago with the goal of helping businesses learn to navigate and use social media effectively. In the fall of 2008, as the economy crashed, I saw 2 things which were very likely to work in investment terms over the following years. One was social media, the other was silver. Hey, what can I say? If only I had had a couple of million!

Believe it or not for a couple of years I actually had to explain to businesses why they had to be in social media.

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