Brazil’s former leftist president, former darling of the “Pink Tide,” Lula da Silva gets 9 1/2 years for crony crimes

Lula and Obama cozying up during better times for both men.


We have asked this question before, but why is it that socialist leaders, supposed men and women of the proletariat, seem nearly ALWAYS to want to be rich?

The only exception I can think of off hand was Uruguay’s former “pauper” president who seemed not to pine for such things. Other than that, pretty much across the board,

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A New Republican Agenda Is Taking Shape—and It Means Tax Increases

The move should ALWAYS be to reduce taxes. On the poor. On the rich. On the middle class. This is a big part of the libertarian/conservative coalition. Reduce the burden of the state. Free up as much of the economy as possible.

It’s the people’s money anyway.

But many Americans don’t see things like this. They talk about people paying their “fair” share. (Who determines what is fair?) About income disparity. Fundamentally there are some who think it’s perfectly legitimate for the government to take a person’s wealth –

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(ACC Book Recommendation) Lenin’s Tomb, The Last Days of the Soviet Empire – By David Remnick

One of the best books I’ve ever read. (I am still reading.) Masterfully written. Over 20 years old now.

How does a society built on lies and death implode? Remnick answers this question in the Soviet context. Just a fantastic exploration.

And for all you well meaning but (in my estimation) deluded newly minted “socialists” this is an absolute must read. By no means some “right-wing” examination. Just an examination of the death of statism taken to its extreme.

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The real answer to the democracy-killing ‘administrative state’

Most Americans have no real idea of the massive power vested (taken?) in the federal bureaucracy. Sure most people get that agencies enforce laws. But most don’t know that agencies do much more than that, and often create what amounts to law out of thin air via “rules” and “guidance.” Woe to to the business caught up in the bureaucratic net.

This is the “administrative state.” Part of the “deep state.”

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Obamacare Death Spiral: First 2018 Coverage Map Reveals At Least 47 Counties With No Coverage

“A drop dead sprint from the day he’s born straight into his maker’s arms.” – The Black Keys 

Some think Obamacare was designed to implode so that it would create the impetus for socialized, taxpayer funded medicine. Some say that Obamacare is just a flat out disaster that was constructed horribly by people who thought they were smarter than they actually are. I think it’s a mix of both but more parts just plain old idiotic statism than any sort of conspiracy.

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Study: Physically Weak Men More Likely To Be Socialists

OK, I don’t know that I buy this. Some of the greatest anti-socialists of all time were not physical powerhouses. But I post mostly because it’ll work some people up and also because it might provide some actual insight.

So what of crony capitalists who seek to exploit government to line their own pockets? I’d be very interested to see if that group trended physically weak, strong, or neither. That would be interesting.

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Al Gore still wants a carbon tax (Has he learned nothing over the last decade and a half, aside from the value of stock options?)

I won’t go into details but I know a fair amount about a carbon tax. I even once hosted a discussion on Wall Street in front of business leaders on the topic. All of the people on stage with me were pro-tax. Our readers know where I am on taxes of any sort. I was the moderator.

I am very familiar with the costs of a carbon tax to the economy,

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Watch: “Anti-Fascist” Militia Training Video Shows Leftists *Are Preparing For Armed Confrontation** (Not too smart)

What is interesting to me as I watch videos of “Antifa” (anti-fascist – what a joke) people in the streets playing protest as they bask in their suburban privilege. (Did you get that red handkerchief from The Gap, J. Crew, where? It’s darling.) I am struck by the amount of ignorance I see in one place.

These people are supposedly “anti-fascist” but yet I see banner after banner proclaiming the virtues of socialism. I’ve got news for you Aiden,

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