Google: Hollywood Is ‘Trying to Secretly Censor the Internet’

You had some good times Hollywood. Just remember them. But now it’s time for a new thing.

That sounds about right. Hollywood, as we have seen over the years and particularly with recent “leaks” has no shame. They will do what they have to do to protect their increasingly dying product and distribution mechanism even if it means screwing up the Internet for everyone else.

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Mississippi Attorney General Dares Reporters To Find Any Evidence Of Hollywood Funding… So (TechDirt) Did

In case you haven’t been following this story, the Motion Picture Association of America, the trade group for Hollywood headed by former senator Chris Dodd, has been accused of “improperly” (that’s the right word at this point) influencing states’ attorneys general in an effort to make life hard for Google. Google, Hollywood believes, makes it too easy to find “pirated” content online. So the barons of the big screen may have been calling up buddies in AG offices around the nation to put pressure on the Internet giant.

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White House Pushes Chinese Style Internet ID For Web Users (Video)

Passwords are too easy to hack we are told. Much better to have a government issued Internet ID one must sign in with every time one logs on. Much better to have the government issue a license to access information.

One password to rule them all.

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Google, once disdainful of lobbying, now a master of Washington influence

What is particularly of note in this article is how Google recently sought to work with conservative organizations like the Heritage Foundation after working closely with Obama and Co. This Google/Heritage relationship apparently was key in defeating SOPA which Google (along with the rest of tech) saw as an existential threat driven by Hollywood which is strongly associated with the Democrats. Interesting how those lines were drawn.

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Obama nominates Pro-SOPA lobbyist to lead Trans Pac Partnership talks

Remember SOPA? The hiddeous beast of a bill sponsored by Hollywood which sought to jam the file content sharing genie back in the bottle? The bill that the whole Internet world rose up against and forced the politicians to back down on? Remember that? Well one of the lobbyists who headed the effort to severely restrict the Internet so that the media companies could cling to their outdated business models has now been nominated by Obama to head the effort in the secret (to us –

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Open Letter to Obama and Congress From Internet Giants Calls For Reining In Government Surveillance

These companies probably legitimately care about Internet freedom, and they are probably sick of being pushed around by the Feds, but this letter has everything to do with business. If people can’t trust that their Gmail is secure (and boy is it not) this will eventually affect Google’s bottom line. If people think that doing business with Microsoft also means giving the NSA a back door into the heart of their enterprise, people will stop buying Microsoft.

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US Government Comes Down Hard On 3D Printed Guns, The World Has Changed.

Last year we predicted the next great battle between the online public and the government would be around 3D printing. Now the battle is here courtesy of the US State Department and Senator Schumer.

3D printing is a massively disruptive technology. Sure, one can print a gun with this technology but one can build a gun if one really wants to from materials at a hardware store. “Zip guns” which are made from everyday industrial materials have been around since the gun was invented.

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Senate Bill Lets Feds Read Your Email and Other Private Online Material Without a Warrant

So who cares about the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. I mean, how passe can you get? Privacy and respect for the dignity of the average American citizen? Please.

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