Ben Bernanke to Have Dinner with Eight Top Hedge Funders ($250,000 speaking fee)

So between a speech given in Abu Dhabi earlier this month, and now this most recent one with the hedgies, the former Fed chairman has already eclipsed his pay for all of last year. He’s got another big payday in Turkey lined up.

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More Crony Media? Do some guests on “Morning Joe” pay-to-play through speaking fees?

Last year it published a story about Joe and Mika in Detroiter Magazine, its glossy newsletter. The profile was … how to put it? Flattering? Fawning? Hagiographic? Nope. Those adjectives fall short. More like a North Korean news agency press release on Adderall.

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“What difference does it make?” Hillary Clinton cashing in on speaking circuit, worth over $100 million now.

A good piece of that $100 million comes from the speaking her husband has done since leaving office. But Ms. Clinton is doing her best to catch up to ole’ Bill. I can’t imagine why companies and organizations would want to pay $200,000 for a one hour speech by someone who might again have access to the power of the presidency.

We’ve come a long way from cattle futures in Arkansas.

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