State Dept. senior management team resigns: report

It sounds like the departure of Patrick Kennedy, who has come under criticism for his response to the attacks in Benghazi (and other issues), might not be as bad as it sounds. A career State Department guy, entrenched and connected, it isn’t hard to imagine that he and his new boss, Rex Tillerson, might not be a good mix. 3 of Kennedy’s allies have left with him.

The Washington Post frets that this puts the State Department into a spin right as things are getting rolling.

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True Pundit: “Can’t we just drone this guy?” – Hillary Clinton on Julian Assange

Ms. Clinton reportedly uttered these words during a State Department meeting focused on the impact of the release of a group of diplomatic cables from Wikileaks. State also reportedly discussed “legal and non-legal” ways of neutralizing Assange.

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Wow: Clinton Considered Secret Plan to Spark Palestinian Protests, Sought To Use Clinton Foundation Donors to Pressure Israel

OK, this is pretty darn interesting. So some of the folks at State thought it would be a good idea to foment unrest in the Palestinian Territories (or whatever you want to call them) to force Israel to the negotiating table? Gee, I wonder why Netanyahu has such a problem with the current White House?

Anyone who reads us regularly knows that we have our issues with Israel, significant issues. On the other hand we also recognize Israel as an important ally (if not always a friend) in the Middle East.

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CBS Goes on the Defensive After Clinton Emails Reveal “Planted” Questions for Wikileaks Interview

We posted on this yesterday. But it’s worth another look.

So a staffer at the State Department said in an email (revealed in one of the Hillary email dumps)  that the agency had “planted” questions in a 60 Minutes interview with Julian Assange.

“Planted” is the word used by the staffer as one can see in the below email.

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Bill Clinton tried to line up a speech for big money in NORTH KOREA while Hillary was Secretary of State?

It didn’t happen. Looks like someone figured out it might not look so good.

Perhaps Bill was getting the lay of the land for Dennis Rodman’s later trip to the hermit people’s republic.

In fairness Pyongyang in the spring is lovely we hear.*

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