Steve Bannon (Allegedly) Dismisses Austrian Economics

Austrian economics is clear and concise. It is elegant in its simplicity. Ebb and flow. Markets clear. When manipulated undue harm is done markets and society.

We aren’t surprised to hear this from Mr. Bannon. We assumed that this was probably about where he was on the economics question. No fan of Austrian economics would call for a massive infrastructure program for instance. (As Bannon has.)

Saying that, Bannon is in many respects a breath of fresh air.

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Breitbart: Stephen K. Bannon – Friend of the Jewish people, Defender of Israel

This is the last thing I’m going to post on Bannon for a while. But the attacks have been so vicious I think this post is worth posting.

It is from Breitbart, Bannon’s old website, but in this case I don’t think it really matters.

The reason the establishment is going after Bannon is because he’s good at what he does. That is brawling with the powers that be. He also tends to win.

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If you really want to know what Steve Bannon is all about (and why so many fear him) watch this VIDEO

This comes to us from The Future 500, my favorite progressivish Bay Area think tank, of which I am actually a senior fellow (if you can believe it). In the attached video I am moderating a panel at The National Press Club in Washington on “The Future of Conservatism.” Steve Bannon is on the panel. Below Future 500 has isolated Bannon’s thoughts from that afternoon and they are illuminating.

The former editor of Breitbart is a fighter. A fighter who tends to win.

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A (mostly) fair article about Steve Bannon from BI: All you have to do to understand Trump’s embattled chief adviser is read his own words

I once interviewed Steve Bannon at the National Press Club. He was part of a panel on “the future of conservatism.” I’ve spoken to him a few times and I’ve written a number of articles for Breitbart over the years. He strikes me as a tough, bulldog of a guy. He doesn’t take any guff and he knows the tactics of the social justice warriors better than most of the social justice warriors themselves. He can out Alinsky the Alinskyites.

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Still Hating Breitbart: Clinton camp says Breitbart has no “right to exist”?

This is one of the reasons why we asked our readers whether they felt the 1st Amendment was under attack. Breitbart doesn’t have a right to exist? What kind of bs is that?

As the attached article points out this is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. Thing is the Clinton camp picking a fight with a seasoned scrapper in Breitbart. Bannon and company are unlikely to be as gentile as the Kochs.

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