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China’s stock-market crash is just beginning

This would be fun to watch if it wasn’t for the fact that an unstable China creates a number of problems for us, the USA, economically and perhaps in other ways. But here’s a good bit of advice from the author of the attached article.

When Shanghai was peaking at 5,000 in June, I gave you five words of advice: Get. The. Hell. Out. Now.

To which I’ll add five more: And. Stay. The. Hell. Out.

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(Watch out below!!!) Good Luck Finding a Place to Hide as Global Markets Crumble

We are beginning to see the Great Experiment, the post 2008 Crash experiment, disintegrate. A crack here. A crack there. A hairline fracture. A fissure. The underpinnings of printed money have always been unsound, but now the edifice appears to be unstable. Will a hard Greek gale bring the thing down, or will winds from somewhere else finally do this fiat superstructure in?

Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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Investors flee US stocks at financial-crisis levels

It could be that investors are just looking overseas for opportunities after stocks hit highs in the US. Or it could indicate that the market is very concerned about future US economic growth. Either way CNBC assures us it’s probably not bad for American equities.

Heh heh.

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Behind the 8% plunge in China’s stock market (today)

As we have noted for a while, the Ultimate Crony Capitalist state, China, is seeing very rough waters economically. A massive property bubble (and bust) fueled by Keynesian shortsightedness, not unlike the one we experienced here a few years ago, but much bigger is gripping the country. The Chinese dream is “maturing.” For the first time since emerging from the insanity of Mao the PRC is experiencing real economic pain.

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A stock trader comes to terms with the downturn in the markets

Even with all the insanity out there right now the bulls it seems haven’t completely capitulated yet. Perhaps they shouldn’t, or perhaps they are delusional and they will find destruction. Or perhaps the bulls will provide just enough hope in the market to keep things from going into complete meltdown. A safety valve. Or maybe they are on the edge of giving up.

I have no idea. That’s what makes a market.

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