How (‘)Liberal(’)Portland (“America’s Whitest City”) Became America’s Most Politically Violent City

Craftsman style houses under gray skies. Maybe coffee. Oh and the Trailblazers with Clyde Drexler. This is what I think of when I think of Portland. Perhaps snow capped mountains in the distance too. And oh yes privileged white kids marching down the streets calling for a Soviet Union of the USA.

So quaint.

I post the attached article because it is an interesting insight into America’s “whitest large city.” (Surprise,

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Alumni Strike: Fed up with political correctness alumni across the country aren’t giving anymore

I live in a college town built around one of the greatest universities in the world, and I have heard about this growing phenomena from multiple sources recently. Alumni are fed up with “safe spaces” and the anti-intellectual political correctness guards objecting to every “microagression” they can conjure in their heads.

These alumni have stopped writing checks. Why should they fund scholarships and pay for facilities for people who are clearly disconnected from reality? Why should alumni support people who must be coddled and whose egos must be massaged?

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University Offers SAFE SPACE For Students Traumatized By Republican Convention

There, there, my sensitive little college orchid. We know the harsh winds brought by those nasty Republicans down the street may curl your sensitive leaves. But we at Case Western Reserve are here for you. We will protect you. We will make sure that you are OK. Some things are just too beautiful for Republicans. 

(From The Daily Caller)

A July 11 statement in The Daily, Case Western’s internal e-newsletter,

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Useful Idiots: College students sign card thanking IRS for discriminating against Tea Party groups.

This is the type of stupidity which is dangerous.

There’s nice stupidity, like one finds in a golden retriever. There’s benign stupidity like one often finds in J Crew salespeople. There’s annoying stupidity such as one finds at the DMV. There is hostile stupidity as one might find with certain family members around the holidays. And then there is this kind of stupidity. V.I. Lenin called the people who exhibit this particular brand of dimwittedness “useful idiots.”*

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