The Supreme Court oral argument that cost Democrats the presidency

This is an interesting argument but the gay marriage decision wasn’t THE deciding factor in the election. It was A deciding factor. There was a bouillabaisse of deciding factors this go’round. Regardless the article is worth reading.

2 things for the record. 1. We at ACC are not opposed to gay marriage. 2. I actually think that the single biggest factor in pushing Trump over the top was William Weld’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton even while he was running for vice president as a LIbertarian in the closing days.

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Will Trump nominate an avowed enemy of crony capitalism to the Supreme Court? He just might. Meet Texas Justice Don Willett

The possibility of having a Supreme Court Justice who is explicitly against crony capitalism, for property rights, and for human liberty is a tantalizing prospect.

Below The Texas Observer introduces Don Willett to the non-legal non-Texas world. Known for his sense of humor, his extensive social media following (at least for a judge), his transpartisan friendships, sharp mind, and commitment to liberty, the current Texas Supreme Court Justice could usher in a new era for the Court.

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Justice Thomas: Honor Scalia by reining in government

Well, we’ll have to see how things go with Trump. On the one hand he appears to be making some positive moves toward streamlining some things in government. On the other hand he is also talking about an expansion of military spending. It is important for Mr. Trump to remember that “the swamp” extends across the Potomac to the Pentagon too.

But there is some hope, the first hope in a very long time (and it may very well remain a hope),

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Chuck Schumer In 2007: ‘We Should Not Confirm Any Bush Nominee To The Supreme Court’ (Video)

My all time favorite picture of Senator Schumer.

The Supreme Court is an important bulwark against crony capitalism, or it can be an enabler of it. It is important that the next appointee, whomever he or she is should list toward fighting crony capitalism.

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