To get tax cuts keep it simple and be bold

This is key. People don’t like lots of levers and pulleys in their legislation. You know who DOES like the Rube Goldberg machines that pass for laws in this country? Lobbyists. (And their crony sponsors.) The more complex the bill – witness Obamacare – the more opportunities there are for cronies to carve out deals for themselves. The taxpayer is usually the one who loses. Actually the taxpayer is always the one who loses.

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Why your 401(k) is vulnerable as tax reform plays out in Washington (Thanks “conservatives” in Congress)

We can NOT allow the 401k/IRA deductions to go away. I suppose if we instituted a flat tax of 5% we could contemplate it, but otherwise NO. This would constitute a massive tax increase on the middle class, and yet another assault on savers. That this is being bantered about with a GOP president, Senate, and House, is disgusting.

That’s right. Do the right thing. Put money away. Suffer the slings and arrows of the stock market.

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Charles Koch: Trump’s policies must not benefit only big businesses like mine

Charles Koch is a guy who gets a bad rap. Largely because Harry Reid a while back decided he needed something or someone to demonize.

I enjoyed Koch’s last book. And on the issue of crony capitalism (and many others) he’s very good. Yes, I am talking about Charles Koch of Koch Industries.

Koch recognizes that much of the system is skewed to benefit businesses like his. However, since Koch Industries is a private company he can say things like “

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Trump tax cut doubts hit stocks (We need tax cuts and deregulation. The economy needs to breathe.)

Taxes need to be cut. That is key. That must happen. Deregulation needs to happen. That also is key. The economy needs these things so that it can breathe.

But between Ryancare and the “Russia” dog and pony show perpetuated by a delusional (and wounded) political class in Washington the market is worried about the future.

And then there is the $20 trillion in debt hanging out there because for some reason we find it impossible to cut government.

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Markets to Trump: Get down to business on taxes!

Good advice “markets.” Trump wins by working the economic card. He’ll have a tougher slog if battles headlong on cultural issues.

Trump has an interesting fighting style. He’s striking while he can, which is smart. But in the words of a friend of mine, Trump – “be cool.” Don’t get bent out of shape over Hollywood people or get into a public pissing match with the president of Mexico. Cut taxes. Cut regs. Kill crony capitalism. Get rid of bureaucrats.

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Taxpayer Groups Call for the Pentagon to be Cut by a Minimum of $50 to $100 Billion Over 10 Years

Many of the groups are solidly on what most people would consider the “Right” of American politics. The letter is below.

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Airy Slogans Are No Substitute for Economic Policy

In his Daily Beast  article below, Michael Tomasky says that the presidential election has finally killed off Reaganomics which he further defines as “trickle down” economics which he also refers to as supply side economics and tax cuts for the rich.

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How to Cut $17-$20 Billion from Defense Right Away (For Starters)

Defense expenditures are double what they were in 2000. We need to find our way back to 2000 levels and then cut beyond that.

I say this as a navy brat with family currently in the military and the defense industry. It is absolutely crazy that we spend what we do on the military. The military is a big part of big government. A huge part.

The military unlike most federal expenditures is specifically outlined as a responsibility of the federal government in the Constitution.

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