“Virtually all the numbers reported in news coverage of the federal budget will be misleading at best”

I’ll say that “misleading” is too kind. The word “lie” is probably more apt. But it is an official lie so many people, even in 2015, after all we’ve gone through as a country, still buy the lie.

Fewer do than in the past but still too many.

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The Party of Small Government: Republican governors across the country are trying to raise taxes

Republicans have been doing this for a long time.

When push comes to shove, it’s easier for many supposedly “conservative” governors to propose a tax increase with supposed benefits for his or her state than it is to simply let people keep their own money. The money they earned.

Whenever we go through these revenue increase phases it is always remarked that it’s been such and such number of years since the last increase so “we’re about due.”

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California Taxpayers Played for Chumps? Most of New Tax Increase Goes to Govt Employee Pensions

California is so beautiful. There was a time when people dreamed of moving there. Now people are trying to get out. At least many of the people in private industry. The Golden State is golden no longer.

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