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Lockheed Martin pays $4.7 million to settle charges it lobbied for federal contract with federal money

This is nice. Lockheed Martin runs a nuclear lab in New Mexico which gets federal funds, taxpayer money. The company recently lobbied for an extension of its contract with the government on a no-bid basis. Seeing as Lockheed doesn’t have piles of money lying around (they do) the company figured that the best way to secure a no-bid contract was to use taxpayer dollars which were allocated for national security purposes, and to hire a former congresswoman turned lobbyist to help secure said no-bid contract with the money.

That’s right, we allegedly paid for Lockheed to crony it up on the Hill so that the giant company could infuse itself with more of our money. (Without even having to worry about competition.)

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Is Lockheed Martin too big to fail?

No business, defense contractor, bank, car company or any other type of firm is “too big to fail.” In fact if anything the firms tagged with TBTF are already failing and that is why the taxpayer is forced to prop them. That does not seem to be the case with Lockheed Martin. (Currently that is. Lockheed was bailed out by the taxpayers in 1971, one of the first corporate bailouts.)

By spreading itself out over the American map Lockheed has created lots of friends in Congress. A piece for you. A piece for you. Republicans, Democrats, whomever. Now let’s talk about the F-35. That is, let’s talk about more money for the F-35. I hear someone has an election coming up.

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Fiorina: Income Inequality Is Worse Under Progressive Policies

There is little which is “progressive” about “progressive politics.”

The “progressive” ethos celebrates the nomenklatura, the government bureaucratic class, which is enriched. Interestingly also in this country the tendency is to enrich the big companies (and their managers) with close ties to the government. The rest of society, and particularly the middle class is tossed aside. In the “progressive” world there is little time for such bourgeois values as liberty, property rights, economic freedom, privacy, and self determination.

No, there are the managed and the managers. That’s it. As such “progressive” politics tends to favor those who do not think for themselves and don’t want to, and those for whom power is an end.

Free markets in contrast, with free prices, allow organic economic growth and wealth creation. It is from the wellspring of the free human mind that true PROGRESS comes. Free minds are not a priority however for “progressives.” Compliance and conformity are what are valued. Entrepreneurs are trouble makers. Free thinkers are to be considered with suspicion. Innovation is a headache.

If one is not born into wealth the very best shot one has to die with wealth and perhaps some security for one’s family is in a free society and a free market based economy. If you develop skills, hustle, are smart about the deployment of limited resources one has a chance to do something extraordinary, to actually progress.

In a “progressive” society the only thing which progresses usually is the rate of human decline.

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Former head of IRS Lois Lerner email: ‘Lincoln should have let the South go.

Ms. Lerner, who many believe targeted TEA Party groups for persecution while head of the IRS apparently didn’t (doesn’t) have much regard for a large part of the United States. In one email a colleague refers to Texas as “pathetic.”

That’s pretty interesting coming from a Northeasterner. Businesses and people are leaving the Northeast and moving to places like Texas and other parts of the South in droves. Without the job gains in Texas there would be no, as in 0, job gains post 2008 Crash in the USA.

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“We the People” are NOT the government (VIDEO)

Every once in a while we have a reader assert that the government is in fact US, you and me. That to try to rein in government, to see the state with caution, to recognize the reality that government fundamentally is coercion and more often than not does not work in the interests of the people is to see things incorrectly. The government is composed of people. As such the government is a tool of the people.

It’s a quaint notion and one which has been used effectively by the powers that be to keep the peasants in check for centuries.

The notion however is not true. Below are some thoughts on the subject from Murray Rothbard.

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City of Houston threatens to steal land from decades-old churches using eminent domain

When a “bad” neighborhood turns desirable cities always seem to use eminent domain to chase the “undesirables” out. (You know, the people who actually live in a particular neighborhood.) Brooklyn Yard, Chicago, Detroit, Houston. Powerless, or nearly powerless people are easy prey and as such often feel the crush of City Hall.

But times are different. There’s an Internet now. And now these folks can get their stories out to the broader world.

Poor or rich people’s property rights must be respected. That’s what a free society does.

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Ex-Im Bank Finances Small Business Ponzi Scheme

(From ATR)

The Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) provided millions of dollars in financing to a Miami small business perpetrating a Ponzi scheme, according to a recent report by the Department of Justice (DOJ). The business had already defrauded private lenders out of $8 million in loans and used $2 million in Ex-Im financing to pay off these lenders and continue their scam.

The business, run by three family members defrauded private lenders out of millions of dollars by creating fictitious invoices for the sale of merchandise that never occurred.

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Judicial Watch: New Documents Show IRS Used Donor Lists to Target Audits

That we have an IRS is bad enough. For the majority of our country’s history we had no IRS and we prospered. And we would again if the IRS and the income tax disappeared. But it is exponentially worse that the agency has been used as an outright tool of persecution by the White House. The IRS wasn’t looking for tax cheats, it was looking for enemies of the president.

And the president says that the real scandal is that the IRS doesn’t get enough funding.

Destroying (or attempting to destroy) one’s political opponents with said agency is no big deal however. Not like that is straight out of the 3rd world crony playbook or anything.

The question I have is why Congress, and specifically leadership keeps letting the Obama administration get away with this sort behavior. Behavior which is quite serious and damaging to the United States.

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Watch the first ever TV ad for recreational marijuana

It’s really nothing remarkable.Significantly tamer than just about any Bud Light ad. No Tommy Chong in a fog of sensimilla. No Snoop Dog sitting by the pool bong in hand. The ad, if anything is boring. But alas it was pulled because the no one wanted to lose their FCC license. Funny how that works.

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Obama (taxpayer funded) gift: The taxpayer is now going to pay for the installation of GOOGLE FIBER in “poor” neighborhoods, Large corporations to benefit

The Obamphone program, and it is the Obamaphone program, though it was started in the 80s so that people could call the fire department if they needed it, has expanded exponentially during the current administration. Now pretty much anyone can get a free (I mean you and I pay for them via our taxes) phone just for the asking as this recent video illustrates.

And now we will be subsidizing broadband Internet too via Mr. Obama’s “ConnectHome” crony boondoggle. Congratulations America, more stuff which is way beyond what government should be doing that you have to pay for. Oh, and which will fatten the bottom lines of large corporations in the process.

Tracfone, owned by Carlos Slim, the Mexican magnate and the richest man in the world has done very well under the “Lifeline” program. ($451 million of your tax dollars in 2011 alone.) Now it looks like all sorts of other companies will be getting in on the act as Google Fiber, a connection which I can almost guarantee is way way beyond the connection you have, you know the connection you PAY for, is installed in housing projects across America. (You’ll be paying for this connection too of course.)

This is couched as a program for the poor, which will help people find jobs etc. I certainly hope this is true, but my bet is that it has as much to do with rewarding complicit corporations as anything else.

It’s a jack dressed up in “doing good.”

Also it should be noted that with such connections the propaganda message is made more easily. This is also a big part of the effort.

Connecting people to super duper high speed Internet is not what government is supposed to be doing. Because it is doing it on YOUR DIME.

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All Hail Our Banking Overlords!

As I watch the calamity in Greece and the chaos in China I am struck by how much things have changed in 10 years. “Wealth” looks very different to many people these days.

Wealth is time with one’s family. Wealth is time to think. Wealth is a good roof over one’s head. Wealth is good food and good friends. Wealth is walking through a field first thing in the morning with few bills to worry about. Wealth is swimming in the ocean and catching flounder in the surf. Wealth is peace of mind.

Be thankful you aren’t an unskilled worker in Athens or a newly middle class manager in Shenzen who has leveraged his home to play the stock market. Be thankful that you are not feeling the hottest of the world’s economic flames. At the same time be aware that fires do spread.

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Health Care Premium Hikes and Crony Capitalism

Obamacare is a giant jack. And no, single payer is not the solution. That is the last thing we need. Single payer is an excuse for all sorts of other cronyism. Not to mention that socializing healthcare in the 21st Century is just a backward idea. We should be opening up healthcare not centralizing it.

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