Social Security Just Ran A $6 Trillion Deficit And No One Noticed!

You know why? Because no one wants to notice. No one wants to talk about Social Security and its problems, its Ponzi nature, its quietly ticking time bomb(s). No one wants to talk about it because we have come to believe that these sorts of things eventually work themselves out. And certainly no one wants to talk cuts, or means testing, least of all the people in Congress who would be slaughtered (likely) at the polls if they did.

So no worries.

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How to make the plebes pay for their own circuses: The great sports stadium jack

Sports makes people lose their minds. Politicians cut deals for the home team. Politicians cut deals for new teams. Owners enjoy tax shelters and subsidies. And the public gets to pay for the stadiums, and the new traffic, and everything else that goes along with a new stadium. Detroit has no money and it still is financing much of the construction of a new arena for the Red Wings.

But stadiums bring jobs right? Heh.

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Bigger government does not mean more “social justice” in fact it often, usually, means the opposite

Socialism has a half life. Once honest to goodness socialism is instituted it is only a matter of time before the system implodes on itself. The primary factor in the speed of collapse is the amount of fat within an economy before massive state intervention and redistributionist policies. If the disease of socialism, hard core socialism, think the USSR, Cuba, North Korea, and even places like Venezuela, really takes hold, if the state assumes pretty much every aspect of the economy,

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Over 90 percent of Chicago business leaders say city is home to cronyism

Home of  Al Capone, Dennis Hastert, Jesse Jackson, the Daley “machine,” Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama, the Windy City seems fertile ground for those inclined toward the crony disposition.

Chicago erupts out of the Midwestern plains like a steel and glass mountain range. As one approaches the metropolis one begins to feel its gravitational field. It’s different than New York’s pull which is stronger but is offset by Philly, Boston and Washington DC. Chicago however stands mostly alone, smack dab in the middle of the country and the continent.

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New York Times reports: Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings

The New York Times is about as “liberal” as one can get this side of The Village Voice. An important story at an important time.

The thing is we have too many laws in this country. We have codes written on top of codes and there are serious incentives in our system for police centered revenue generation. Cops make money, often, for municipalities. This is not a good incentive structure for justice.

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TIME: Many Foods Subsidized By the Government Are Unhealthy (You don’t say…)

This is good to see from TIME. We’ve (along with others) made this point for years and it is such a waste. We subsidize unhealthy food, which benefits Big Ag – mostly corporate farming, which is then disseminated into the grocery buying public which is often subsidized through various means including food stamps, then when people get diabetes (and other diseases) after a lifetime of eating subsidized unhealthy food we subsidize their healthcare and disability payments. It’s a multilayered bologna sandwich of public policy dysfunction.

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Crony Class Privilege? : Nancy Pelosi blows off traffic laws — to shop at shoe store!

“So I say to my driver…What laws? I’m Nancy Pelosi and I want some new Manolo pumps.”

It is important to remember that politicians are politicians, probably necessary to some degree, but always to be considered with a reserved but healthy contempt. They are not gods. But  it seems Ms. Pelosi might beg to differ.

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The For-Profit Government Industry (How close Obama friends are about to cash in)

There is a whole group of folks in Washington and to a lesser extent outposts afield, and it is mostly Dems, who think that just because they hold “enlightened” attitudes about business that means they can engage in whatever cronyism they want. (Republicans do crony capitalism in slightly different ways and with less affectation in my experience than Democrats, though they are plenty prone just to be clear.)The Great Green Rush (of your tax dollars) during the beginning of Obama’s presidency is a good example of this.

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California’s skyrocketing housing costs, taxes prompt exodus of residents

If it weren’t for the clueless government and traffic why would anyone leave?

The only reasons many people have stuck around as long as they have is because the weather in much of California is fantastic and because one can drive from orange groves to world class or close to world class skiing in 2 hours. (In theory.) One can put up with a lot when it’s 75 degrees, sunny, with low humidity. I know I could.

But there are limits.

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Penn Jillette shares why he’s a libertarian (VIDEO)

We have no affiliation with but we do occasionally feature their stuff. I just liked this simple video from Penn Jillette and I thought I’d post for our readers.

Really, why not just live and let live? People are different. Let people be different without the state coming down on their heads. Kind of the point of this country (the USA) really.

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