What if only taxpayers voted? (Interesting Graphic)

This map was originally posted by CNN and reflects 2012 exit polling. Though it doesn’t say it appears that “taxpayers” in this case means federal tax payers. Obviously those who don’t pay federal taxes, or even state income taxes pay sales taxes etc.

We are not arguing that only those who pay federal taxes should be able to vote. Let’s make that clear. But this graphic does show the disposition of those who carry most of the federal tax load.

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Brexit Fears Weren’t Overblown — They Were Flat-Out Wrong

Brexit was a massive win for those of us who oppose crony capitalism. It was a line in the sand, in the Channel, and Britain in the end decided to remain Britain and to tell the eurocrats to take a hike.

But the folks in Brussels and many EU apologists warned of dire consequences if Britons dared assert themselves. Basically these fear mongers have been completely wrong. Britain’s future if anything looks a bit brighter today than pre-Brexit.

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IRS will impose a nearly 40% “victory” tax on athletes who take home gold, silver, and bronze

“40%? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Seems reasonable. Nothing odd about the government just taking almost half of one’s earnings for basically no reason.

Thing is, some people actually DO think it’s reasonable for the government to confiscate such wealth – which is basically insane.

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Robots and AI might be the last hope for the Danish welfare state

Pay your taxes? OK, right after I beat you at chess.

One of the reasons Angela Merkel has been so welcoming to the Middle Eastern refugees is because she needs bodies, people, workers, to keep the welfare state alive. Much of Europe long ago stopped having babies. Now as the baby boomers hit retirement they realize that someone has to pay the welfare state bills. In Denmark there’s hope that robots will do it.

OK. That doesn’t seem a desperate hope.

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The TEA Party was Murdered – and it was an Inside Job

The TEA Party was, and sadly we must now use the past tense, a ray of light in a time of enveloping gloom. After the exasperation caused by George Bush and his profligate spending and foreign adventurism, the bailouts of the banks, and the ascendancy of Barack Obama who promised only more profligacy, people rose up and said – no more!

This was the TEA Party. TAXED – ENOUGH – ALREADY.

Most people who care tie its birth to the below rant by Rick Santelli on CNBC.

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How Clinton may be avoiding the death tax (Which she publicly supports)

According to financial disclosures, Clinton shifted the ownership of their New York house to residence trusts in 2011, which could save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in estate taxes.

When you take the total amount of money the Clintons have made, allow for taxes and spending, her reported investment assets are still quite a bit too low to make sense. The likely explanation is that she and Bill diverted money to what are called Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts or GRATS.

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71 Percent Of US Government Workers Are Disengaged At Work

But they all vote.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are plenty of good, hardworking folks at the EPA and FDA and USDA and in all the other agencies that we know and love. In fact I know there are. I’ve known a few. (They are the ones who told me what was really going on.)  But I have also known government workers who were happily disengaged. The big goal is getting to retirement so that they can get their check(s) for the rest of their lives without the commute.

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The Economist says the political divide is between “globalists” and “anti-globalists”, no it’s the political class versus everyone else

In the attached article The Economist frets that the trend toward “globalism” (their word) is in jeopardy. And what the magazine or “newspaper” calls globalism is indeed being challenged. The headlong march toward transnational governments embodied in the European experiment is under attack. And for good reason. People feel disenfranchised.

The average person sees a “global order” (again The Economist’s words) which cares little for the “pedestrian” interests of the middle class. The bourgeoisie sees a rising crony class,

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Social Security Just Ran A $6 Trillion Deficit And No One Noticed!

You know why? Because no one wants to notice. No one wants to talk about Social Security and its problems, its Ponzi nature, its quietly ticking time bomb(s). No one wants to talk about it because we have come to believe that these sorts of things eventually work themselves out. And certainly no one wants to talk cuts, or means testing, least of all the people in Congress who would be slaughtered (likely) at the polls if they did.

So no worries.

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How to make the plebes pay for their own circuses: The great sports stadium jack

Sports makes people lose their minds. Politicians cut deals for the home team. Politicians cut deals for new teams. Owners enjoy tax shelters and subsidies. And the public gets to pay for the stadiums, and the new traffic, and everything else that goes along with a new stadium. Detroit has no money and it still is financing much of the construction of a new arena for the Red Wings.

But stadiums bring jobs right? Heh.

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