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Survey says: 35 percent of Americans would expatriate, 55% of young Americans (Video)

Things are not going well in the old US of A, despite what the official mouthpieces are saying. There is a sense that the grownups are gone. That the thing which makes America, America, is under serious threat. There is a sense that taxpayers are not valued. Indeed that some people resent taxpayers even though the taxpayers are funding the welfare state. There is a sense that the crony class is shutting people out. (Which it is.) That the “you didn’t build that” mentality has truly taken hold in large swathes of America, even while the cronies pillage away.

In the attached video the narrator says that the results of of the survey are “surprising.” I don’t know that they are.

Of course the next question is, “Where are you going to go?”

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Atlas Society Crony Contest Winners Announced

At a dinner at the organization’s annual Atlas Summit, this year in Nashua, New Hampshire, the organization “dishonored” those who use government to enrich themselves at the expense of taxpayers and competitors as well as those with political power who empower these cronies. TAS CEO Aaron Day explained the origins of the contest. Nick Sorrentino, a contest advisor and operator of the againstcronycapitalism.com website, gave the keynote address documenting the current crony plague. And TAS scholar Edward Hudgins announced the winners. (Pictured at right.)

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IRS’ Latest Email Excuse Draws It Closer To Rogue Agency Status

(From IBD)

Lawlessness: On Day 768 of the IRS scandal targeting political dissidents, the tax agency said it has more emails to release. Only it can’t release them until September because it must ensure there are no duplicates. Baloney.

Let’s cut to the chase here: The IRS is obstructing justice because it doesn’t want the truth to come out . The agency has been caught red-handed targeting opponents of the Obama administration, including the tea party, pro-Israel groups and conservative news media.

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Do big unions buy politicians? (Video)

You better believe it.

Below is an excellent explanation of how public employee unions perpetuate the expansion of government and by extension legal theft from taxpayers.

I have found that the most vehement defenders of government waste, high taxes, and the red tape which strangles the productive part of the economy – the private sector – are government workers. They have a good deal going and they don’t want taxpayers to get hip to their deal. But we are and we are not happy.

Truly some of the greatest crony capitalists of all are those who work in government itself. Think of it. For many government workers taxes are a circular flow. They (and we) pay taxes to finance government which in turn sends them a paycheck.

But for many of us taxes are for the most part just a net outflow. An unrelenting bill. The bill would be a lot smaller if we could cut a large number of these workers from the bureaucracy. Personnel is the most expensive part of overhead.

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On just an inflation-adjusted basis, (government) collects 35,000 times (in taxes now than at the founding of the US)

With regard to government there is no issue with revenue, except that the collectors take too much of it. We are taxed far far beyond what is reasonable. The only people who likely think that we are not are either those who are not taxed (for the most part), those for whom taxation has little impact on their lifestyle, or those for whom taxes are a circular flow – government employees.

How much better would your life be if you could keep the money which goes for just your income tax? Assuming a defense, a court system, a system of law enforcement, and maybe a patent system are funded, how much better would our lives be without the crushing weight of everything else the government does?  Seriously, your family’s life would likely be much BETTER.

For the most part your taxes go to support corporate welfare and a government dependent class (government workers, contractors, welfare). Why shouldn’t that money instead go to investment and retirement accounts and paying for the kid’s college and building businesses?

Why? Because there are powerful people who get rich off of the taxes taken from your family. It is nearly as simple as that.

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WSJ: It isn’t just “Obama’s power grabs.” It’s a redesign of the Founders’ original vision.

It is fair to say that the Republic is in serious peril and that this president has done GREAT damage to this country.

The silver lining to the Obama presidency has been that many people have finally become aware of what our system of government is supposed to look like. Many more people have read the Constitution since Obama came in than before. For too long Americans took our system for granted. It has taken an accelerated assault on the Bill of Rights and our founding document generally – from the White House – to wake at least a large minority up.

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McDonald’s & The Minimum Wage (Video)

As we’ve said before, raise the minimum wage above what the real wage should be for an unskilled worker and one is just creating havoc in the economy. Margins are closed or erased. Stores close. Prices go up. Jobs are lost. And the tax base is often diminished. (Creating a heavier burden on the remaining businesses.)

It is true that one can not live on the minimum wage. But no skill or low skill jobs are stepping stones to higher wages. Such jobs are not an end point.

It should be noted that arbitrarily raising the minimum wage does increase the floor for many unions which base their wages off of the official minimum wage. And this, not a living wage for fast food workers, is a big part of what is behind the effort to raise the minimum wage dramatically.

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More Crony Media: Fox News continues to blackout Rand Paul in their poll coverage

This is starting to just get obvious. So the guy who has led the GOP field for months is now not even mentioned? Sounds like what Fox did to Ron Paul too.

And the thing is, it worked with Rand’s dad. People who still got their news primarily from TV, Fox, heard little about the most conservative candidate running in 2008 and 2012. People who got their information online (often younger people) knew all about and supported Dr. Paul. But it wasn’t enough in the end.

The question is does Fox still hold veto power over the nomination process?

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Elderly Seattle couple leaves life savings of $847,215 to the US Treasury, an amount our government spends every 8 seconds

It’s their money. They earned it. It sounds like they hadn’t had the easiest of lives. (Not that that matters in this equation fundamentally.) If they want to leave their fortune to the US government that is their business. It appears that theirs was a gesture of thanks to a country which took them in and which became their home.

I appreciate that sentiment very much.

But the US Treasury?

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