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The Party of Small Government: Republican governors across the country are trying to raise taxes

When push comes to shove, it’s easier for many supposedly “conservative” governors to propose a tax increase with supposed benefits for his or her state than it is to simply let people keep their own money. The money they earned.

Whenever we go through these revenue increase phases it is always remarked that it’s been such and such number of years since the last increase so “we’re about due.”

No we’re not. We are not “due.” Just because the state’s piece of the pie hasn’t enlarged in a while doesn’t mean that for some reason it should now.

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Bloomberg: Uncle Sam Is Coming After Your Savings

Make no mistake, the government wants your savings. They want as much as they can get politically. The president recently floated the idea of taxing 529 plans, used to save for college, to pay for community college for people other than your kids. Why should the money you earned, and saved, go to your family? Better for the government to take your money from you so that it can give a gift to political allies.

Some people might call this theft. But not us. Oh, not us.

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Money for Nothing – Public Administrators Have Minimal Authority or Accountability

By Ed Ring, executive director, California Policy Center


On October 14th the Orange County Board of Education will meet to consider, among other things, approving a 2% increase for the Orange County superintendent’s salary. Using data provided by the Orange County Dept. of Education to Transparent California, it can be seen that in 2013 the superintendent, Al Mijares, earned a base salary of $293,500, along with additional employer paid “benefits” of $50,482, for a total of $338,482.

To evaluate whether or not this level of compensation is appropriate, the first step is to evaluate how much superintendents make in other California school districts. Using data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education, and California Department of Education, and compiled by SchoolDigger.com, we downloaded enrollment and academic performance information for 786 California school districts. We then eliminated from consideration all school districts with less than 10,000 students enrolled, and sorted the remaining 164 school districts by their academic performance, based on test scores for Math and English (download spreadsheet). How much did the superintendents make in these districts?

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The entrepreneur, a vanishing species?

It’s hard to start a business. It takes skill, capital, tolerance of risk, and just good old hard work. Layer the red tape on top of all the things a business owner must contend with in the marketplace these days and it’s not surprising that we are losing more businesses than we are creating as an economy.

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IRS comes after potential future UK Prime Minister for sale of house in England

The IRS has gone after Boris Johnson, current London mayor and potentially the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, because Mr. Johnson sold his house for a profit and because Mr. Johnson holds a US passport. He was born in the US (he left when he was 5) so naturally the Internal Revenue Service feels that by virtue of this it is owed some of Johnson’s money. Under the law as it stands the IRS has a case, if an immoral one. Johnson has however told the IRS to take a hike. As he should.

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There is no “free lunch” and there is no “free” community college either

When the president says that he wants the government to pay for everyone to go to 2 years of community college what he is really saying is that he wants you to pay for everyone to go to community college. There is no “free” college. There is no “free” anything. Everything has a cost and I have to pay for college for 3 kids of my own in the not so distant future already. I don’t need yet another bill just because the president wants to throw some gifts to folks who voted for him.

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“The rising tide has lifted fewer boats during the Obama years – and the ones it’s lifted have been mostly yachts.”

That’s a crony system for you. The banks (and the bankers) with access to the Federal Reserve, which are now officially “too big to fail” and so enjoy an explicit license for moral hazard have only gotten richer. We the people “recapitalized” the banks. We indemnified them. We made them whole even though most of the big banks had leveraged themselves out to stupid levels and so deserved to go down. But the banks had the connections and so they now sit fat and happy.

Same for the car companies and lots of other big vested interests. They had connections in the Obama White House and in other parts of Washington so they were saved.

Meanwhile as the hapless titans were being rescued millions of Americans lost their houses and their jobs. 6 years later, for many, they haven’t come back.

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