When Billionaires Build Stadiums, Taxpayers Get Whacked

The NFL is deeply crony.

Hey taxpayers – pay for my stadium. Thanks. What? You want “free” tickets? Ha! That’s funny. Don’t you know nothing’s free? Don’t worry though. You can look at the stadium you built me on TV. 

There are no tears shed here for the NFL’s ongoing decline.

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The Washington Post’s Latest (and Lamest) Attack on the Mises Institute (And liberty itself)

For the record I am deeply proud of The Mises Institute and all it stands for. It is the heart of libertarianism, standing up for what is right against forces that are much larger than it, with much larger budgets, and much more power.

This is me at the Mises Institute standing next to a bust of the brilliant (though not infallible) Murray Rothbard.

The Mises Institute is one of the leading lights of liberty and a standard bearer for the only successful libertarian revolution in history (to date),

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How America’s Outdated Tax Code Fails Gig Economy Workers

Welcome to the tax code…

The American tax code is like a deep dark jungle at dusk. It’s scary. It’s confusing. Peril lurks everywhere. And if one ventures in without proper preparation one can end up in a bad situation.

This is doubly true for “gig economy” workers.

It must be noted that our tax code needn’t be like this. It shouldn’t be. But the more confusing the code the more money there is to be made by an accounting industry that revels in the complexity.

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(ACC VIDEO) Continued Discussion: Over time we should move to have a 0% income tax rate. Also – Why some people so dislike this idea. What do YOU think?

See the comments for this video at our Facebook page.

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The Communist in City Hall: New York mayor calls for end of private property

Let’s remember that Mr. De Blasio spent his honeymoon in Cuba and was an advocate for the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Big surprise that he doesn’t like private property, the foundation of a free society.

Here we see De Blasio securing a deal for $150,000 worth of “supplies” for the communist Sandanistas. Thankfully in the next year the communists around the world saw their world come crashing down.
Image: New York Times

This is truly disgusting. We see a wannabe Castro in City Hall.

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Is it time to get rid of Paul Ryan as Speaker?

This is one of the best pictures ever.

Probably. But one of the names floated in the Washpo story attached is Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum. Ole’ Rick is no conservative and he would be even worse news than Paul Ryan.

Ryan is too protective of the establishment. He is too dismissive of the actual small government people in the House of Representatives. Really, he’s followed Boehner’s tired path.

We had to get rid of Boehner.

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