The world can’t afford another financial crash – it could destroy capitalism as we know it

This is an issue which we need to revisit soon, and we will at greater length. And there is is some validity to this fear.

First, the Crash of 2008 was a crash caused by central planning. It was the Federal Reserve which created the necessary climate for the Crash. The planners screwed up royally. They kept interest rates too low for too long and everyone came to believe that there was a “Greenspan Put” built into the stock market.

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Here’s How Much More Money Obama Wants For Global Warming Programs

Believe it or not I actually attended this rally as an observer. I marched along with everyone and everything. It was literally the coldest day of the winter which was kind of funny.

This is not the venue to discuss global warming, or climate change, or whatever. I have friends in the environmental movement for whom climate change is an important issue and one they take very seriously. I have been fortunate to hear their perspectives over the years and they have informed me on the issue.

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A Golden Age for Pentagon Waste

As we have often noted, one of the giant logs stuck in the eye of many conservatives, people who typically argue for smaller government, is that they often defend military spending with little reservation. Defense, we are told is enumerated in the Constitution and as such is a legitimate expenditure. And yes, defense, is enumerated in the Constitution. Massive unchecked spending, undeclared wars, and bases around the world are not however enumerated in the Constitution.

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How Crony Corporatism And Big Government Conspire To Pad Your Wireless Bill

Stealth taxes are like tapeworms. One doesn’t see them but sure enough the parasite eats away. Your phone bill (depending on where you live) is probably full of tapeworms, I mean stealth taxes. Most of which weren’t even voted on by your representatives. The surcharges, taxes, whatever are mostly determined by state regulators. (Which are lobbied.)

But you can feel better knowing that many of these taxes are essentially revenue streams for giant wireless providers. I know it makes me feel better.

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Six Years and $17 Billion Wasted in Afghanistan

Hey, it’s only money, your money, which we might as well have just buried in the desert. Actually it’s worse than that as dumping the money into the ground would have been a waste but wouldn’t have hurt anyone. $17 billion floating around Afghanistan is probably a much less benign situation.

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Americans hate the U.S. government more than ever

Now why oh why might this be? Could it be that Washington’s curtain has been pulled back by the Internet? That’s part of it. Could it be that many Americans continue to struggle while they see the connected in Washington and New York get bailed out and enjoy sweetheart deals? Yep, that’s part of it too. Could it be that many Americans feel alienated from a president who they feel holds them in contempt? Yep. Could it be that taxes are continually extracted from our pay even though many people see little in return for this money?

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NFL Subsidies: Taxpayers Left High and Dry After Rams Move to Los Angeles

I had finally just gotten used to calling them the St. Louis Rams when they decided to leave.

But leave they did, with the taxpayers of The Gateway City on the hook for another 6 years of payments on a stadium which was constructed for the now absent team. It’s been a tough go lately for the city.

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America Will Spend More on Taxes than Food, Clothing, and Housing Combined (Graphic)

This should not be in the “land of the free.” It is a sad graphic. And remember, much of your tax money is siphoned off by the cronies in industries which are connected and by those in government itself. You are basically an annuity.

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Here’s Just How Enormously Big Bernie Sanders’ Tax Increases Would Be

An excellent goal.
Taxation is money taken by force. Some call it theft.

Basically they are economic suicide and strike right at the heart of human liberty. Taxation should be reduced, not increased. The state should be reduced, not increased. Liberty should be increased not reduced. This is the disposition for countries which wish to prosper in the 21st century.  We are not Europe and thank God for that. Have you seen Europe lately?

And by the way,

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IRS May Still Be Targeting Conservative Groups

This is not a surprise but it is disturbing. The Internal Revenue Service, of all agencies should do everything it can to avoid the appearance of political bias. Fundamentally that is good for the agency. If people see the IRS has an overt political force (working against them) then this undermines the agency over the medium to long term. One would think that this would be obvious, but with arrogance and power often comes blindness.

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Supreme Court may limit ability of public unions to forcibly take money from ‘members’

This would be a positive for the country. (Though some will of course wail.) Unions shouldn’t be able to just take money out of people’s paychecks just because a particular union says that it represents a particular worker. That’s crazy.

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Michael Bloomberg considers third party run

I don’t see it. I know he thinks he can bump chests with Trump and maybe win, and he sees weakness on the Left with Hillary and company but a real Bloomberg run would be pretty tough even with his ocean of money.

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Guess which states Americans are abandoning?

Image: United Van Lines

Why oh why would so many people want to leave these fine states? What with their high rates of taxation and general nannyism and cronyism, massive unfunded liabilities for state workers, trigger happy cops, and politicians who long ago forgot what the spirit of the Constitution is. It is amazing that Americans would turn their backs on these veritable utopias for backward places like South Carolina and Idaho. Is there some unseen plague sweeping through the Northeast?

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