People are ditching their apartments to live the ‘van life’

I actually don’t see this as all that bad. If I was young (alas I am no more) and single (and I mean no girlfriend) I’d consider doing this for a while. Of course I also used to have a 1978 VW bus and was prone to following the waves up and down the East Coast in another life so maybe I’m an outlier.

This is not my old bus but it looked just like this. 60 MPH was the top speed.

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Early Bailout Warning! Reckoning Comes for U.S. Pension Funds as Investment Returns Lag

Oh thank goodness, the public pension unicorn has come to save us!

Many people still don’t know that the bailout of GM and Chrysler was about bailing out politically important UAW union members with your money as much as it was about bailing out of 2 inferior car manufacturers with your money. (Though I must admit I had a Town and Country van that was pretty good – mostly. Not like my Honda, but still pretty good.)

For years prior to the 2008 Crash financial people had hemmed and hawed about the unsustainability of the auto worker’s pensions.

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Here it comes: The iMplant, RFID chips under the skin going mainstream

Some graffiti in Bryggebroen Denmark.

I love technology. I am fascinated by pushing the technological envelope. I have long lived much of my life in cyberspace and I believe innovation is one of the key creators of real wealth and real human progress. However one should be very cautious when considering whether to implant oneself with an RFID chip.

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A libertarian, free marketeer was just elected mayor of Johannesburg South Africa

Johannesburg is a massive city. One of the great cities of the world.

Unfortunately, though rich in many respects the city also has areas of terrible poverty. The legacy of apartheid and of corrupt ANC (socialist) governments post-apartheid are terribly evident. Crime is rampant as is unemployment.

However there is some new hope for Joburg.

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The Libertarians have become the moderate, middle way party

As we say all the time we have no horse in the presidential race, or any political race. Not even a Libertarian horse even though it is obvious to anyone who has read us for any period of time that we have a libertarian (please note the small “l”) disposition. Free markets, free minds, sound money, respect, tolerance, entrepreneurialism, and a complete disdain for the crony capitalist, state centered, highly political system that has been erected in America are the things (more or less) that drive us.

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Markets Are Breaking Down India’s Caste System, Turning ‘Untouchables’ into Millionaires

Markets and free market capitalism offer a way out of poverty for many. Where people can work hard, retain the fruits of their labor, where opportunities in the marketplace can be exploited, wealth can be created. Where markets are closed, where commerce is wrapped in red tape, where a bureaucrat or tax lurks around every corner wealth is retarded. One of the reasons, if not the main reason, why many poor countries remain poor is because the powers that be in those countries refuse to free up markets.

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Brexit Fears Weren’t Overblown — They Were Flat-Out Wrong

Brexit was a massive win for those of us who oppose crony capitalism. It was a line in the sand, in the Channel, and Britain in the end decided to remain Britain and to tell the eurocrats to take a hike.

But the folks in Brussels and many EU apologists warned of dire consequences if Britons dared assert themselves. Basically these fear mongers have been completely wrong. Britain’s future if anything looks a bit brighter today than pre-Brexit.

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