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The Pentagon’s Slush Fund (The military like it or not is BIG government, very big)

As I have said many times, I grew up a Navy brat. I have great respect for the military and its culture. The sound of an F-14 screeching as it comes in for a landing is deeply ingrained in my subconscious and in my heart. I am a Navy Football fan. But conservatives (at least modern conservatives and of course neoconservatives – who are not really conservatives) give the military far too much credit, literally.

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Corporate Welfare in New York: Politicians Say Amazon’s Good, Walmart’s Bad

Amazon is relatively cool (despite its new $600 million contract with the CIA) so the New York political class (a subspecies of politicos americanus) is OK with DeBlasio throwing tax money at the online company in an effort to lure it to the city. But Walmart? Oh, no. Too lowbrow. Too much baggage. Hey, the politicians in New York City don’t even want charity from the company.

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George Will: Government for the strongest

We cannot have an economy in which billionaire crony capitalists bestow largess through the state to the unwashed. We need the broad based economic growth, opportunity, and dynamism that only comes in a freer more liberalized economy.

Though the intentions of most progressives are probably “good” the culture of regulation and unnecessary complexity they have instituted over the last few decades has only served to further stratify the country and to reduce social mobility.

The economy is running through bureaucratic wet concrete. The ridiculous tax code, the regs, the government “fees” everywhere, Obamacare, etc. The only people who can negotiate this concrete effectively are the very rich. The rest of us are mired, and the concrete is hardening.

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Poor Kids in Baltimore Have It Worse Than Those in Nigeria

I have to say that I have seen some sketchy places in this country and beyond, but Baltimore is possibly the worst urban area I’ve ever seen in terms of total despair and decay. Many parts of it are just a war zone. Take the light rail into a football game some time and look out the window. It is post-apocalyptic. Sofas and refrigerators litter the vacant land between the rails and the housing projects. Graffitti covers everything. (And it’s not even the cool artsy graffiti like one sees in places like Harlem, it’s just messy, dirty graffiti. Mental vomit.) The “Charm City” is just a sad place. Its charm, if it was ever there has long left. At least for me.

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More Taxes and Tuition Buy Time for the Pension Bubble

By Ed Ring, executive director, California Policy Center


“The ‘recovery’ is largely an illusion created by the effects of zero percent interest rates, quantitative easing, and deficit spending. The asset bubbles that have been created as a result of these policies have primarily benefited the owners of stocks, bonds, and real estate (the rich), while simultaneously deterring the savings and capital investment that is needed to actually create good paying jobs and increased purchasing power.”

-  Peter Schiff, EuroPacific Weekly, November 6, 2014

The question everyone should be asking, especially the managers of public employee pension funds, is how much longer our economy can run on zero percent (adj. for inflation) interest rates, quantitative easing, and deficit spending.

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Obama asked if a future president could just issue an executive order absolving citizens of tax burdens: “Absolutely not!” (Video)

I have no love for George Stephanopoulos but his stock went up about tenfold in my book with the below question.

George makes a great point. If the president doesn’t have to faithfully execute the law on immigration (He does, the Constitution expressly says that he does.) why should a future president have to execute the law faithfully in all sorts of other areas including taxes? Boy, Obamacare would fall apart pretty much overnight.

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