Cut, Don’t Reform, Taxes

By Ron Paul

Many Americans who have wrestled with a 1040 form, or who have paid someone to prepare their taxes, no doubt cheered the news that Congress will soon resume working on tax reform. However taxpayers should temper their enthusiasm because, even in the unlikely event tax collection is simplified, tax reform will not reduce the American people’s tax burden.

Congressional leadership’s one nonnegotiable requirement of any tax reform is “revenue neutrality.” So any tax reform plan that has any chance of even being considered,

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Markets to Trump: Get down to business on taxes!

Good advice “markets.” Trump wins by working the economic card. He’ll have a tougher slog if battles headlong on cultural issues.

Trump has an interesting fighting style. He’s striking while he can, which is smart. But in the words of a friend of mine, Trump – “be cool.” Don’t get bent out of shape over Hollywood people or get into a public pissing match with the president of Mexico. Cut taxes. Cut regs. Kill crony capitalism. Get rid of bureaucrats.

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Trump tells business leaders he wants to cut regulations by 75% or ‘maybe more’

Excellent. Regs are killing the economy and they have been gamed by the biggest players in both business and government. What’s even worse are the “guidances” issued by regulatory agencies at the whim of bureaucrats. At least the regulations are written down.

Fewer regulations means (counter intuitively for some) a less crony system. Where there is opacity and red tape the cronies rule.

We’ll see how much can be cleaned up.

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Here are the 52 public companies that make the most money from the federal government

Image: CNBC

This headline comes from CNBC and is misleading. These companies don’t “make the most money from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,” Taxpayers are making these companies rich, not the government. It’s not the government’s money. It’s yours. Too many people forget this.

Why are we going into massive debt, in part, to pad the bottom lines of these companies?

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When city retirement pays better than the job (Welcome to California)

And pensions.

Sorry but the private sector pays for the public sector. The government exists to serve the citizenry not the other way around. Government should be small and it should be inexpensive.

However, the cronies who make their living off of the taxpayers would prefer to see ever more government. In an expansive apparatus lay many opportunities to legally steal from everyday people. This is what government does. It must be trimmed constantly or else it will overwhelm communities and economies.

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