Is the Military Really “Depleted” After Years of Record-High Spending?

Why do conservatives always fall for the defense spending bit? We should be cutting agencies AND the Pentagon, not expanding the Pentagon.

Conservatives want lower taxes right? Smaller government? Well, the military is BIG government, and often deeply crony to boot.

Necessary? Yes. But at current levels? No.

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Congress: Shut Down Government Until the New President Restores the Republic

Some good ideas here. Restoring the Republic should be THE goal.

The author focuses on one area of concern but there are many other areas of policy that deserve the same treatment.

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The Libertarians have become the moderate, middle way party

As we say all the time we have no horse in the presidential race, or any political race. Not even a Libertarian horse even though it is obvious to anyone who has read us for any period of time that we have a libertarian (please note the small “l”) disposition. Free markets, free minds, sound money, respect, tolerance, entrepreneurialism, and a complete disdain for the crony capitalist, state centered, highly political system that has been erected in America are the things (more or less) that drive us.

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The TEA Party was Murdered – and it was an Inside Job

The TEA Party was, and sadly we must now use the past tense, a ray of light in a time of enveloping gloom. After the exasperation caused by George Bush and his profligate spending and foreign adventurism, the bailouts of the banks, and the ascendancy of Barack Obama who promised only more profligacy, people rose up and said – no more!

This was the TEA Party. TAXED – ENOUGH – ALREADY.

Most people who care tie its birth to the below rant by Rick Santelli on CNBC.

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Poll: for first time, more Republicans support marijuana legalization than oppose it

Good. Sometimes it takes a lot of sunshine to cut through the clouds. Sometimes its has to shine down for years, and then, one day, a break of blue sky.

Illegal marijuana is crony marijuana. Illegal marijuana, or more properly – cannabis – benefits drug dealers, government bureaucrats, the prison systems, the lawyers, and in principle federally illegal pot appears to violate the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, the document so many of us would like to see taken seriously again.

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New facial recognition tech: Will live stream (all) faces from cop cams to database, no notification to citizens

This is where crony capitalism gets super creepy. The surveillance state is very profitable and Taser is about to provide a “solution” to police departments which is sure to fatten the company’s bottom line. Soon software may be able to identify “people of interest” just from a feed from a police officer’s body camera.

And guess what? Even if you aren’t “of interest” you will soon be in the facial recognition database. Then imagine algorithms running over this data.

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