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Ted Cruz in epic feud with Karl Rove

Rove, the big government Bushite operative, is a man wandering through a political landscape in which many others now hold higher ground.

His nastiness and tenacity has gotten him far, and may yet get him farther. But most people in the GOP know to avoid Rove. He’s like a wounded badger. Not exactly the partner one would want.

But the guy can still raise money. Not as much, but still a lot.

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House leadership purging conservative voices?

We are seeing an interesting shakeout this Congress There is a new generation of leaders in Washington who, for the most part, do actually want to shrink government. This stands in contrast with the old school Republicans who really have very little interest in reining in Washington. In fact in most cases the latter group has NO interest in reining in Washington.

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IRS’ Latest Email Excuse Draws It Closer To Rogue Agency Status

(From IBD)

Lawlessness: On Day 768 of the IRS scandal targeting political dissidents, the tax agency said it has more emails to release. Only it can’t release them until September because it must ensure there are no duplicates. Baloney.

Let’s cut to the chase here: The IRS is obstructing justice because it doesn’t want the truth to come out . The agency has been caught red-handed targeting opponents of the Obama administration, including the tea party, pro-Israel groups and conservative news media.

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Obama’s Unilateral Presidency Crashes Into the Constitution

I remember in college my professor explaining to us that the US system of government was too slow. That it was inherently difficult – too difficult he argued. A parliamentary system was much better and would allow “things to get done.” My professor, it was clear resented the restrictions placed on government by the Constitution.

One gets the sense that Obama feels the same way.

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Ex-Im Bank expiration ‘inevitable’ amid 2016 GOP fight

Let’s hope so. But the “bank” isn’t dead until its dead. So let’s make sure it’s dead. The lobbyists will try to revive the thing once it’s in the grave too by getting allies to attach the reauthorization of Boeing’s Bank to other legislation. We must make sure they (particularly some big government Republicans in the Senate) don’t do that.

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China tells workplaces they must have Communist Party units (Remember when the FCC wanted govt monitors in newsrooms last year?)

China, despite what you may have heard is NOT now a capitalist country. It is a crony capitalist country. The chief cronies are the members of the old Communist Party.

The Chinese economy is one in which prices are often set by decree, as such there are massive inefficiencies in the system. This is not healthy, and it is destabilizing. The Chinese crony corps knows that there are serious problems with the economy and society, especially as China is witness to its first real economic slowdown in 3 decades. As such the party is reasserting itself to sure up its position.

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Big government neoconservative Bill Kristol: Rand is a ‘liberal Democrat’


So a generally libertarianish guy who believes in free markets, lowering taxes, and actually reducing the size of the government is a “liberal Democrat”? Well, gee, this country is better off than we may have thought. Our colleges must be filled with professors calling for deregulation and the protection of property rights because we know that our university system is “liberal.” Ted Kennedy was actually for liberty and freedom not an ever expanding state, you didn’t know that?

And the guys who want to spend tons and tons of money America doesn’t have nation building and generally expanding the size of government are actually CONSERVATIVES! Holy moly, this changes everything. Good thing we have “conservatives” like Bill Kristol, whose political lineage extends back to a bunch of Trotskyites in the 1930s (the neoconservatives) to explain to us what a “liberal Democrat” is.

Thank goodness.

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To what degree is the the “Defense” industry driving foreign policy? And why Obama is the military contractor’s best friend

As I’ve written many times before, I grew up around the military industrial complex. I am a Navy brat and am still a Navy Football fan. (Pretty much the only team I care about these days.) I know the squeal of an F-14 as it banks in at sunset to land with its wings open. I can practically recite Top Gun to you. At one point I thought I might want to be a navy SEAL. My mother used to take us to the beach and we’d watch the giant hovercrafts ramp over the dunes. I used to go surfing right next to a gunnery range. (No joke. The break is called Pendleton and one could watch the shells splash into the water just to the south.) The point is when I post articles about the Military Industrial Complex I do not come from a position of ignorance. I do not come from a place of jaded familiarity either. But I am a tax payer. And it disturbs me that the weapons industry is the juggernaut of cronyism it is. It’s not healthy for our republic. To say the least.

It concerns me even more to think that war is perpetuated officially because behind the scenes powerful interests want to see warfare continue. I don’t want to believe that’s true. Most Americans don’t want to believe that’s true. And it may even be less true than many critics believe. But I think most informed individuals think that the MIC drives foreign policy at least to some extent. And even some is pretty messed up and not the way it should be in the United States.

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Just Say No to Congressional Slush Funds

Congress, Republican and Democrat, just can’t stop spending taxpayer money. Both the money of today’s taxpayers and that of tomorrow’s. And then a few generations after that too.

Republicans (and I mean everyday voting Republicans) need to break their addiction to defense spending. Despite the spin we hear all the time we have plenty of fat to cut in the military budget. Heck, the Pentagon recently admitted to just losing $45 BILLION because it checked the wrong box on some accounting forms. And this is what we know about.

Bases should be closed. Weapons systems should be cut. But this would mean annoying some congresspeople and the defense contractors which are cozy with the congresspeople.

And that’s what this is all about. Not “military readiness.”

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I don’t want a “cool” president, How about a competent president?

Republican, Democrat, or other, why would anyone want a “cool” president? Somehow this is supposed to be a positive. I don’t know about you, but in my experience “cool” parents were always terrible, same for “cool” teachers, the “cool” kids, and pretty much everyone else who was deemed to be “cool.” (By someone or themselves.)

Do you want a “cool” doctor? Or a “cool” financial advisor. No way. You want them to be highly knowledgeable, with at least a tinge of real nerdiness. You want competence. Why? Because your health and financial security is tied in intimately with ability of these people to do their jobs. I’d rather have a surgeon who enjoys chess than one who likes Jay-Z. (Not that Jay-Z is in any way cool.)

Why then do some feel that a “cool” president is a good thing? Supposedly, and according to the compliant media Obama is/was cool. I never felt that. I guess though that since he wasn’t some lame (sic) white guy that made him relatively “cool.” I guess.

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Kill the IRS, Kill the income tax, Reason interviews Grover Norquist (Video)

I have to admit that taxes annoy me generally, though I pay them dutifully with a smile on my face. But the income tax makes me want to expel bile. Why should the government tax productivity? If one is trying to pay for a home, cars, sending the kids to college, trying to start or grow a business, why would we layer a giant bill on top of these efforts? Why would we reduce people’s ability to make their particular corner of the world better?

Because we need to wage global wars? Because agriculture needs more subsidies? Because government employees need even more lavish pensions? Because we must wage a federal war on drugs? Because corporations need more welfare. Because the gainfully employable need more welfare? Because we need to fund massive bureaucracies which are only really interested in protecting their interests and making life hell for the people they “regulate?” Because we need to fund an unbelievably inefficient healthcare system which operates in a socialist la la land of pricing? Because we need to fund Social Security because people have spent their lives being over taxed and so haven’t been able to save for retirement? And so on.

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