Report: Nearly 30 Percent of Public School Teachers Chronically Absent

Stories like this really make me question the future of this country. How can parents stand for this? But they do. No wonder FDR, the closest thing this country has ever had to a fascist in the White House is so venerated in textbooks. Public schools are sick in too many places. The teachers have forgotten who they work for. The students. The parents. The taxpayers.

As my professor said once, teachers lost their status as professionals once they unionized.

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National Disgrace: How the DC teachers unions fought reformer (and possible new Education Secretary) Michelle Rhee, and sold out students (VIDEO)

The average cost for educating a public school student is roughly $11,000 per year on average in the USA. In Washington DC however taxpayers spend over $29,000 per student per year. Yet DC schools are a complete and total disaster and have been forever. Where’s all the money going?

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California teachers’ unions ready to create state wide chaos

I live where there are no teachers unions and our public schools are excellent. I have had very few complaints and this is coming from someone who is adamantly for vouchers and supports home schooling. The teachers where I live are paid well. They have generous benefits. But they don’t strike in the interest of creating “crisis.” Generally speaking they seem to be interested in educating my kids.

I had an old professor in college who long ago had escaped communist Yugoslavia who had no tolerance for collectivist nonsense.

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Illinois has 7,499 teachers getting a $100,000+ PENSION, No wonder the state is crumbling

My family is full of teachers. I respect teachers. I value what they do. But let’s get real here. This – as my old buddy might say – is “a straight up jack move” from the unions. This is theft from the taxpayers. Sorry. I know your union “negotiated” the pensions with politicians which got money from your union but it is just stealing with the veneer of bureaucratic legitimacy. You know it. We know it.

The median household income (total) in Illinois is $54,916.

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Teacher’s union openly admits that it exists to indoctrinate your children with its ideas

I am going to admit something here. Though I have educators all through my family and I have the greatest respect for teaching as a profession (in the sense that Socrates was a teacher) I have little respect for our public schooling system. Though I went through one of the “best” public school systems in the United States nearly my entire experience, with a few shining exceptions, was of mediocrity of thought and effort from both the teachers and the students.

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How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses

The education establishment is crumbling. Times have changed and our schools need to too, radically. We should be less interested in creating good little automatons who will fit neatly into the state and/or corporate world. No, we should be more interested in unleashing the computers in the heads of our little ones.

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“The (DOJ) wants to appear to be an equal-opportunity offender, crushing the hopes and educational futures of children of all races.”

As we have noted before, Eric Holder’s crusade against the voucher program in Louisiana hurts children and parents who want a better life for their children. This is not about racial equity, this is about failing schools not wanting to lose the good kids (with better test scores which determine funding) they have. This is about teachers and administrators keeping their jobs. It’s not about the children. It’s about the adults. It’s not about justice. It’s about appeasing an important voting block.

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