Lawmakers and Aides Leaving Capitol Hill Because They Will Be Forced into Obamacare

Currently congress-people and their staffs have 75% of their premiums paid for by the taxpayer. The plans they enjoy are also top notch. Top, top notch.

But because of the way Obamacare was written, the law we needed to pass before we knew what was in it, lawmakers and their aides are about to be thrown into the vortex of the Obamacare healthcare “exchanges.” And guess what? They don’t want to go down the hole.


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CNN calls Rand Paul “The new leader of the GOP.” (Boehner must be enjoying this.)

Rand Paul is part of a Republican New Wave which has been building and since his now famous filibuster has crashed onto the Hill sweeping much of the old guard aside. McCain looks suddenly toothless. Same for Senator Graham. Senator McConnell just endorsed (with Senator Paul) the industrial production of hemp in Kentucky. Things have changed dramatically in the party over the past 2 months and especially in the past 2 days.

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Fiscal Cliff: We Have a Spending Problem, Not a Revenue Problem.

The most frustrating thing about the “fiscal cliff” discussion, is not that Boehner and Obama can’t come together to put together a deal or the endless political posturing, but that the debate itself is focused on the wrong thing.

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