Silicon Valley Tightens Its Grip On Free Speech (Totalitarianism spreads)

Is that a laptop?

There is a real emergence of totalitarianism on what is often called the “left” in this country. With Trump’s election it seems some people have become completely disconnected from adult level thought. They really do think that Trump is Hitler. They honest to God think that he is and that their virtue signaling and general bitching is somehow heroic. It’s the “resistance” after all. Free college. Free phones. Free everything. The “1%” is why my life sucks –

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It’s time to free speech on campus again (By, can you believe it? JANET NAPOLITANO, yes her, now U of CA President)

This is a very reasonable statement from former White House denizen and Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano. When I saw the headline I initially thought the op-ed was from Judge Napolitano. But no, it was Janet defending free speech. OK.

So I figured that Ms. Napolitano would probably hedge the headline the whole way throuigh the piece. But she didn’t. She basically made the case of the “liberals” of my youth. Free speech is free speech. Even very unpopular,

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Cash Means Freedom, Which Is Why So Many Officials Hate It

In a negative interest rate environment (which we might find ourselves in come the next recession) cash produces a relative yield. In other words the yield of the cash under your mattress is 0% but that is still better (in a negative rate environment) than what the bank will give you for said cash.

Central bankers hate cash because it limits the power of central bankers to experiment and manipulate (more often screw up) the economy as they wish.

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Thought police at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, Certain views are “nonnegotiable”

Funny, that’s pretty much what the Nazis thought too. “Nonnegotiable” thinking patterns are part of all totalitarian ideologies actually. Not that they are strapping on jackboots at UNL yet.

But make no mistake, this speech given by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Chancellor is about chilling free speech. He is making it very clear, while using the nicest of terms, that any divergence from the officially accepted norm will not be tolerated. He might as well have just said “

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‘Orwellian’ European Commission partnering with Facebook, Twitter, to promote propaganda?, ‘Trusted reporters’ to flag content for ‘hate speech’

This is a steady slide. Certain speech is to be celebrated. Other speech is to be crushed. Dissent to be extinguished. The state is who is in control.

“You think your social media will save you? You think you’ll be able to express your backward ideas in freedom, like a free person? You don’t even know that you are under our heel. Get in line and do as your betters command. We control the government. We control the universities.

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