Cronies are like mushrooms, they grow best in the dark

Technology and open sourced methods of organization—of people, money, and information—represent a real threat to the crony capitalist system.

Cronies are like mushrooms, they grow best in the dark. For too long Washington has been a dank cave of insider dealing and general corruption*. Money is made (legally stolen?) in the shadows.

Time for some sunshine.

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Remarkable Video: USMC General gives it to us straight on Ebola in contrast to the White House (Think mass migration from Central America)

“There is no way we can keep Ebola in West Africa…If Ebola breaks out in Haiti or Central America…mass migration of Central Americans into the United States.”

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Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic on Punk, Politics, & Why He Dumped the Dems (Great Video)

Novoselic was the bassist in the biggest band of my youth, Nirvana. I always kind of liked the guy despite what I thought were his statist leanings.

But what do you know?  He has eschewed a lot of these tendencies for real DIY politics. For honest punk politics. Free thinking politics. In many ways free market politics. I like the guy a bit more now and I am interested in learning more about his efforts to reform our electoral system.

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Reid will have to go “nuclear” to confirm Yellen?

Looks like had Reid not changed the 200 year old Senate rules late last year Ms. Yellen might not have been confirmed. It appears that at least 40 Senators would have voted against her confirmation, but since there is no filibuster in this situation, 50% of the Senate can confirm the new Fed Chair as opposed to the 60% of past years.

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AP: Report, “Obama brings chilling effect on journalism.”

This president and his administration have sought to chill dissent. Like the political correctness fanatics which now run our universities (a movement from which Obama it should be noted emerged) who chill speech at every turn in the name of “tolerance and diversity” this president uses similar newspeak when he calls for transparency and “freedom.”

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Feinstein’s Attempt to Define ‘Real Journalism’ Blasted By Journalists

Ms. Feinstein is against legalized pot, against the 2nd Amendment, and for restricting the definition of a “journalist” and by extension the 1st Amendment. She just doesn’t seem to like freedom generally.

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Public Pensions Don’t Want Anyone Looking Too Closely At Their Books

Public employee pensions are some of the largest investors in the world. Many have actively sought to manipulate boards of companies (sometimes for very good reasons) and many have demanded corporate transparency.  But that’s where the desire for transparency ends. The pensions like their records good and opaque.

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